How to Get Check Your Driving Record (MVR)

Your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), or more commonly referred to as your driving record can be obtained from the California Department of Motor Vehicles if you hold a license from California. Other companies sell access to driving records, but you can purchase online one from the DMV costs for just $2.

The online version is not an “official document,” to get an official copy you have to fill and submit form INF1125, “Request For Own Driver License Or Identification Card (DL/ID)” to the DMV headquarters. The official report costs $5.

Your driving record shows your driving history in California. A driving record or MVR typically contains the following:

  • Traffic Violations
  • Convictions
  • Accidents
  • Suspensions
  • License Expiration

Given that insurance companies and sometimes employers look at your driving record, it’s essential to correct any mistakes.

How to Check Your Driving Record in California

To get a copy of your driving record, just following these steps:

1. Go to the California DMV website

You have to be a certified user to access the records online. A certified user means that you have to register or create an account with the DMV.

copy of driving record

2. Log in to the DMV system with your username and password

driving record online

3. Complete the disclosure that asks you to confirm that you are looking up your own records only

what is a mvr

4. You can pick whether you want the DMV to include your address on the driving record

how to get mvr online

5. Confirm your request and add the record to your cart

accessing mvr

Simply complete the checkout process and select your method of payment. Then you should be able to download a copy of your driving record!

This is what the unofficial California MVR looks like:

driving record mvr example

What can you do if your driving record is incorrect?

According to the DMV website, “If you believe the information contained in your driving is incorrect, you may report this concern by completing a Report Of Incorrect Record Form DL207, or Report Of Incorrect Driver Record Traffic Collision Form DL207A, which can be found online. Additionally, you can present an Abstract/Document Error Form DL157 or Abstract Of Court Record or correspondence from the court or law enforcement agency.”

Please keep mind; this is not legal advice. You should not rely on anything you read here to make decisions which may impact your life. We make every effort to provide complete and accurate information. However, we do not guarantee accuracy, completeness, timeliness or correct sequencing of the information.

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