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  1. blood alcohol content bac

    Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

    Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) measures the level of alcohol in your bloodstream as a percent of your blood that is concentrated with alcohol. When you drink alcohol, it gets processed by your liver. Your liver can roughly process one drink per hour.

  2. Road Rage

    Road Rage

    Road rage is exactly what it sounds like: occasions when drivers get angry at others on the road and react by yelling obscenities, driving with intent to intimidate or harass another driver, or–not typically, but in the absolute worst cases–acting out with actual, physical violence.

  3. Drunk Driving Statistics

    Drunk Driving Statistics [2020]

    In our new infographic, we highlight some of the starkest facts about drunk driving over the last few years. Using the latest research, we calculated the immense impact and the epidemic of deaths caused by reckless behavior behind the wheel.

  4. Bike Accidents

    Bike Accidents [2020]

    The 840 American bicyclists killed in crashes with motor vehicles in 2016 represent greater than two deaths every single day. These fatalities made up 2.2 percent of total fatalities.

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