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  1. California Bicycle Laws

    California Bicycle Laws [2020]

    According to Operation of Bicycles [21200 – 21213] of the California Vehicle Code, which contains California Bicycle Laws,  pretty much all the same rules responsibilities that apply to car drivers apply to bicycle riders as well.

  2. lea code

    Law Enforcement Agency LEA Code

    The letters “LEA” stand for Law Enforcement Agency. Los Angeles County courts use this four-digit code for filing, so you’ll need to enter this code for traffic tickets you were given in LA County in particular. The LEA code indicates which ticketing agency issued your ticket. The Law Enforcement Agency code is required when you…

  3. Traffic School California Eligibility

    Traffic School California Eligibility

    Traffic School Eligibility: A common question that we get here from students is, “How do I know if I’m eligible for traffic school?”

  4. why go to traffic school

    Should I Go To Traffic School?

    As everyone probably knows, getting a traffic citation is expensive. See how you should evaluate whether you should go to traffic school or not.

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