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Let’s face it: Most people aren’t taking traffic school by choice.

Whether you’re trying to erase a traffic ticket or reduce your auto insurance rates, you probably just want to get the whole thing over with as fast as possible.

That’s why we make the entire experience fast, risk-free and completely painless for you. Because traffic school doesn’t need to be intimidating, scary or complicated.

We believe that…

  • Traffic school should be the easiest part of the process, not the hardest.

  • You shouldn’t have to pay anything until AFTER you’ve passed your course.

  • Traffic school shouldn’t take a second longer than it needs to.

  • Customer service should be excellent, not just “good enough”.

  • You should never have to deal with hidden fees, bogus charges or inflated prices.

We promise to give you a traffic school experience that leaves you thinking “Wow, that was easy.” And unlike a lot of other traffic schools, we hope you never have to use our service again.

See for yourself why so many drivers have used us to breeze through their traffic school obligation without breaking a single sweat:

Verified Best Online Traffic School Reviews

Max Cadenasso
Max C.
Cost $10, took about 10 minutes. Most my time was spent rapidly scrolling to the bottom of the page so I could click next and get to the next quiz. Search Google for the question if you're not sure of the answer. I didn't refer to any of the course materials and passed without issue.
Mike Li
Mike L.
Simply the best!
margie meza
margie M.
Best Online Traffic School was extremely user friendly! Straight forward, easy, fast and streamlined. I highly recommend Best Online!
Dave Leyva
Dave L.
Very Good course the learning was straight forward and easy to understand Great job~!
Erick Ramirez
Erick R.
Very easy to use and straight forward. Didn’t have any problems at all using this! Highly recommend.🙏🏽
Great service with full of knowledge Easy and simple procedure to clear the test
Pablo Garcia Alvarez
Pablo Garcia A.
Simple. Quick. Informative and convenient. Clear and very helpful. Last minute life saver! Thank you. Loved it.
Junior Maalouf
Junior M.
Best traffic school out there, it's easy fast and have great customer service, please do us both a favor and check them out. You'll thank me later. G.M
David Morrow
David M.
There are thousands of online traffic courses to choose from. To be honest, I can’t compare this one with the others because I only had to choose one. But I can say that his one was simple to take, thorough, engaging, and professional. They made the process very smooth and were an excellent value. I highly recommend this course.
Anthony Costanzo
Anthony C.
Super easy
Supreet Pal
Supreet P.
Great, fast and affordable. Honestly the best traffic school.
Beatriz Gonzalez
Beatriz G.
I reccomend anyone to try this traffic school! It was fast,easy, & convenient since it is all online & you can complete it at your own time. Also, the price was really good as well ONLY $9.00 for the course & they electronically submit your completion certificate to the DMV & court. Overall very satisfied with their services. I was able to close my case quickly with their help. :)
Les Fujimoto
Les F.
Fast and efficient. Still waiting on my status update with the court. Will update the review when I have confirmed it.
David Irving
David I.
Time consuming but basically very clear and effortless. I went through the entire 13 parts in one shot and avoided the drastic increase in my car insurance. Excellent site.
Conner Blake
Conner B.
Online service was as fast and efficient as advertised.
Tracyporter Ismyhero
Tracyporter I.
Fast easy it’s really only 9.99 no bs no hidden anything pretty transparent thank you!
Ken Nguyen
Ken N.
Found this site on Reddit. I like that I can go at my own pace. The whole process was simple to follow and their service was good. I would recommend using this online traffic school.
Brittany Perez
Brittany P.
Very simple, easy and fast. Gives you every single piece of information needed to successfully pass the first time. Will recommend.
Linda Wilding
Linda W.
Very easy website to use.
Natalie Garcia
Natalie G.
Best Traffic School experience EVER! If you ran that red light at Hawthorne and got that $500 red light ticket and now have to do traffic school to keep that point off your record.. this is the school for you! #bestever
Jackie Sanchez
Jackie S.
Fast, Easy to follow, and the best part is you receive follow up emails regarding your traffic case! Overall great, hopefully I never have to take traffic school again but this is the one I would definitely come back to and recommend.
Rachael D
Rachael D
I highly recommend Best Online Traffic School. Their course was very quick and easy. I paid extra to be notified that my case was closed and I’m glad I did because Best Online Traffic School fount a glitch in the court’s system that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. They are super quick in responding to all my emails as well. I would use them again... but I hope I don’t ever have to ;-)
This traffic school is truly the best they are really $9.99 they take care of everything for you it does take about 4 to 6 hours to complete the whole thing I had to break my traffic school into a few days the website saved all your work for you absolutely stress-free
DJP101 R
DJP101 R
It is a excellent website, and helps me a lot. It makes my life easier
Thomas Wei
Thomas W.
This traffic school is fast and efficient. Courses are easy to follow and understand. Fast confirmation to court after completion of course. Experience is pain free. I highly endorse this school.
Steven Niemand
Steven N.
easy course, complete at your own pace, very reasonable price
Lindsay Tattersall
Lindsay T.
Easy and quick!
Natalie P.
Natalie P.
Highly recommend this online traffic school course! It was about 12 units, most had minimal subcategories and couple were more intensive. However, seemed to...
Josh Pham
Josh P.
I was actually skeptical of this at first since it sounded too good to be true. However, when confirming with others on reddit and also checking California's official list of traffic schools, I found out that they were legit.The setup was extremely easy and what was awesome was that you didn't have to pay until you passed the exam. The whole school took about an hour for me and the website was very smooth.Would recommend to anyone.- Josh (I'm not a bot or was paid to do this lmao... I never even write reviews but I genuinely wanted to because it was so easy and painless)
Weining Gan
Weining G.
Super Good
Jesus Tony Gallardo
Jesus Tony G.
They helped me through the whole process. They even guided me because there were some hiccups with the court's online system. Great service!
Bulgan Shagj
Bulgan S.
I was kinda stressing out at the beginning about this online school and testing because I have a very busy schedule & it's hard to squeeze in any extra activity, but actually it turned out not so bad. Totally didn't expect, it would be this supper easy! The fee wasn't pricey either, only $9.99 and everything will be submitted to the court and DMV electronically, made my life so much easier. The online chat with customer service was very helpful. Thank you guys so much!!! :)
Dave Baker
Dave B.
As advertised...very satisfied.
Felicita Giannavola
Felicita G.
Haven't had to do traffic school in forever, never really thought about scooters, electric bikes and all the new laws. Great refresher course and convenient way to do traffic school. Best Online Traffic School makes it easy. Make sure you take the time, take notes throughout as I did start, store, start, stop and referenced my notes.
Joey Garcia
Joey G.
quick and easy. Save a $1 by using promo code: reddit1
Curtice Booth
Curtice B.
Very professional and good follow up.
Jim Packer
Jim P.
I'm very glad I went with Best Online Traffic School. I was able to complete the class around my schedule and Rodney did a great job of following up once I had completed the course. Would highly recommend!
Ryan Cameron
Ryan C.
Great experience.
Anamaria Esparza
Anamaria E.
Simple and straight forward. I passed the first try. There are no ads or bothersome up-sells within the course. It is easy to log back into the curriculum to finish, especially if you are busy. It is a pleasant course.
Henry R.
Henry R.
Great service provided. And easy to follow up on.
Joji Hara
Joji H.
Absolutely recommend! Not only the material is easy to follow, but Rodney's customer service and support are incredible!
Ron Jacobs
Ron J.
Easy, fast and very reasonable
Nan Oleksa
Nan O.
Informative, convenient, and thorough.
thats it
thats I.
Finish it in flying colors
Martin Lopez
Martin L.
Very easy to follow and use. Their platform is one of the best out there.
Sujith S
Sujith S
Only $10 for this online school. Payment collected only after taking Online Test. Will recommend this Online Traffic School. Beware there are some schools collecting as high as $50 to $75
Deb Preston
Deb P.
The information given was succinct and thorough. No problems logging in, paying, etc. I just finished and assume they'll forward my certificate to the court.
Jay Martinez
Jay M.
Definitely a great way to achieve your requirement of traffic school at a comfortable pace. You can go as slow or as fast as you want with the material and you don't pay until you pass, which is neat. Took me a total of 2 hours and it was a breeze.
Elizabeth Bresnan
Elizabeth B.
Excellent quality and service. Lessons were clear, questions and answers helped me retain info. I even learned some traffic rules I didn't know before. I had them process the completion/citation which was well worth the price to avoid all the hassle and bureaucratic paper pushing. Highly recommend.
Chris Miller
Chris M.
They made the whole process virtually stress-free, and were quick to answer my questions. Traffic school was easy to complete on my own time, everything went smooth and easy. Overall a great experience.
Peter Mendez
Peter M.
Great service. They helped me when i needed the most help. I would recommend this to people I know.
Chong Kim
Chong K.
Was able to take the course based on my schedule- easy to complete the course. Paperwork is minimal. Highly recommend
Jey Wada
Jey W.
Best Online Traffic School was simple and relatively easy to complete. I will use them again!
Pete Kasten
Pete K.
I enjoyed the ease and informative layout of the sessions. Pete K
Raffi Agopian
Raffi A.
Very good website easy to follow I will do it again if I ever had to
Brian Quach
Brian Q.
Quick, cheap, and great customer service!
Choyo Gomex
Choyo G.
EASY Process to complete my ONLINE courseThank YOU
Martina Liyanage
Martina L.
It was very fast and easy to pass! Great price, too!
Rs Jones
Rs J.
Excellent course follow with court prompt and timely.
Jim LaRoche
Jim L.
Very straight-forward process. Excellent feedback at every step; from when the traffic school completion was submitted by them to the court, all the way through getting a copy of "case closed". Highly recommend!
Brandon Brewer
Brandon B.
The website interface was modern, simple, and easy to use, and the information contained within the modules extremely pertinent to the final exam. Highly recommend for anyone in need.
Jvon Buddha
Jvon B.
Great service for those needing to attend traffic school. Had a wonderful and stress-free experience with them. Thanks Best Online Traffic School!
Jasmine Zhang
Jasmine Z.
very quick to get it done! simply the best
Robert Miller
Robert M.
4 stars from me is very good because I don't give the fifth star unless I have other similar candidates in the same category for comparison.
Michelle Medrano
Michelle M.
Quick and very easy to use! Helped relieve the stress I had about this. Great customer service over their online chat. Would highly recommend as this was the best for completing online at the comfort of my own home.
Joey Molyneux
Joey M.
Fast, easy, and even has no-stress option where they take care of everything regarding your ticket for a small fee. Don't have to pay until you pass 👍
Alina Vega
Alina V.
This class was easy to navigate through, informative and fast. The support of the staff was so helpful for me to assure I did all I needed to do to close out my traffic ticket. Hi highly recommend.
Atomic Mtn Dew
Atomic Mtn D.
I honestly can’t believe how easy this was! And I’m one of those big worriers, easily stressed over trivial matters. I simply took the course online and passed the tests...all in all it took just a couple hours, no problems whatsoever. If you make the mistake of speeding and getting a ticket like I did, make Best Online Traffic School your first choice.
Caren Hutchins
Caren H.
Best Online Traffic School provided me with the best traffic school experience possible. The material is straightforward and easy to read allowing for great testing results.
Angelica Horrilleno
Angelica H.
Super quick, easy, & cost efficient. They’ll even follow up with the court to ensure your case closed for a small extra fee. 10/10 recommend to anyone who needs to do traffic school.
Ken Brown
Ken B.
Very easy to follow and understand. any questions answered immediately and very courteously by the online staff.
Lauran Kim
Lauran K.
Rodney was extremely professional and efficient with several questions I had. The process overall was very easy and transparent. Everything was directly to the point without any fluff. I chose the optional “peace of mind” package, which they offer when checking out and it definitely gave me a peace of mind when they provided further status until my case was closed.
Michael Saleh
Michael S.
Very painless way to complete your driver's school requirement.
Amanda Homa
Amanda H.
It's cheap, thorough, easy to navigate, easy to register with and approved by the DMV. There will be quite a bit of reading, but that's expected. My only suggestion to the owner would be to review and clean up some of the typos in the course material.
Best of the online traffic school options available. Sign up was easy, the class and final exam were quick. Website and class work great on a smartphone. Knocked out the entire thing using my phone on my lunch break at work. Don’t have to pay until you pass, and there are no hidden fees. Highly recommend!
Alex B.
Alex B.
If you are searching for an online traffic school because you need to fulfill your California traffic ticket requirement, SEARCH NO FURTHER.1) $10 ($9 w/...
Kurtis Gunther
Kurtis G.
Quick, informative, and easy. Everything you want in a traffic school online
joshua mora
joshua M.
very good school I recommend it's the best
Steven Lam
Steven L.
Great experience and very fast course. definitely recommend
Sharon Walter
Sharon W.
Great experience, easy to follow and I’m not a very technical person, thanks
Edwyn Velasco
Edwyn V.
The best, and easiest way to do traffic online. Already told my friends about it, Mr. Rodney was always there to answer any questions I had. Highly recommend them
Theresa M.
Theresa M.
I honestly never post reviews, but I have to say that this 5 star business is on point. Amazing service, go at your pace, definitely engaging and I PASSED...
Super easy website to navigate, good price, and didn’t take as long as I thought it would to finish the test.
Joel Jacobson
Joel J.
I haven't taken an online traffic school before, so not certain how it rates relative to others. The course took me longer than I expected after reading the reviews. I'm a pretty quick reader, but it took me about 4 hours, going at at somewhat steady pace. Other people said it took far less time. The sign up, instructions, and materials were easy and simple enough. The cost was reasonable.
Rian Malapitan
Rian M.
Quick and easy experience!
will cleto
will C.
Easy to navigate , very informational and test up to date and priced right very very happy with it... thank you
Suzanne Medof
Suzanne M.
This school was amazing! The registration was easy and the online class was easy too! I got stuck on one question during the test and was able to go back into the readings to find my answer. Having that ability was so useful! Thank you for an informative class. I even learned some new things!!! I highly recommend "Best Online Traffic School"!
Yumi Ezawa
Yumi E.
It was very easy and inexpensive. I paid $15 extra to have them take care of filling all the documents to court. They sent me a confirmation to notify me that case is closed. Rodney was very helpful.
Holly Runals
Holly R.
Easy to navigate and straightforward
Maria F
Maria F
Easier, impossible!!!
Suleima - Alex
Suleima - A.
Very easy.
Errol Valladares
Errol V.
Easy, fast, pretty inexpensive pay extra $15.00 and they take care of all filing and documents to the court then send a Confirmation that case is closed! Thank you
Nate Kalkofen
Nate K.
Great price and easy to complete. I was finished before I was even done with my morning coffee. Hopefully I never need to do traffic school again, but if I do, I'll be using this service.
Had to do a little bit of reading, but overall was very accommodating for someone with a busy schedule. Professional and thorough material that gives you what you need to meet standards. Even have an option at the end to pay for worry free follow w/ notification when your case is closed and requirements have been met. I do recommend this course
Joshua Boyce
Joshua B.
Quick and easy.
Mandy Morello
Mandy M.
Quick and easy course. Rodney was very helpful. He noticed there was a bug in the traffic court system and made sure to follow-up with me to have the court clear up the issue. Thank you and highly recommend this business.
Julia Yoon
Julia Y.
Super well-paced! This online program provides detailed lessons and makes it easy to learn.
Had a great experience with them. Took only a few hours to complete everything and received confirmation that it was submitted the next day. Definitely recommend.
chrz d
chrz d
Self-paced, very easy to navigate and a great price. The customer service is excellent as well. I would recommend this to everyone!
John Winkelman
John W.
As much as I hated having to take Traffic School, these guys did a tremendous job with the training, exams and follow-through. I couldn't be happier with the experience.
Stephen U.
Stephen U.
Getting a traffic ticket isn't fun: you're already in the hole a couple hundred dollars, you get a scary ticket printed on heat-sensitive paper, and you get...
DIrk J.
DIrk J.
I really enjoyed the class and the professional website that they have. I had several questions before I committed, and Rodney was able to answer those...
James S.
James S.
OK, I was pretty impressed. Their customer service was surprisingly available and helpful. The interface for the program was very well put-together. I had...
Angela A.
Angela A.
If you have to traffic school this is a great online program to use. I got through the instruction easily. You can finish at your own pace, the system...
Adrian E.
Adrian E.
A little breakdown of my experience with tickets, so I've had about 3 speeding tickets (2 on my way to school trying to get on time and one in the middle of...
Elizabeth P.
Elizabeth P.
I had the bad luck of getting a speeding ticket on my way to work when I was only a block away. I went online to Reddit looking for some information about...
Aaron G.
Aaron G.
I was very impressed with the over all quality of service this company provided. I was given an enormous list of online traffic schools to choose from....
Greg J.
Greg J.
Awesome customer service, Rodney responded to my question immediately - even though it was around 10pm. It was also great that I didn't have to give my...
Eddie M.
Eddie M.
This team was SUPER helpful & prompt - especially Rodney. I missed the date for my traffic school and he went out of his way to get me an extension. Also,...
John B.
John B.
Excellent Customer Service, Intuitive WebsiteThese guys were recommended on reddit - they did not disappoint. The test was quick, website was intuitive,...
Lynnette F.
Lynnette F.
WOW!!! Well, I got my first ticket at the age of 55!!! I couldn't believe it, but I was in the wrong, and laughed about it with the CHP officer. I mean,...
Kim R.
Kim R.
Best Online Traffic School was quick and convenient. I completed my class and passed in three hours.
Timothy L.
Timothy L.
Very informative traffic school for a great price. Their customer service was also very helpful and friendly. Would recommend to anybody I know.
Brigitte E.
Brigitte E.
I picked Best Online Traffic School based off of the Yelp reviews. So glad I did. Instructions to sign up were clear and simple, the website presentation...
Breanna D.
Breanna D.
Great customer service! It was fast & easy to complete as well. They went out of their way to help me:)
Ryan D.
Ryan D.
The school is great . Fast n easy material to study . Clear and easy to understand . There was a time I can't log and and I mesg them and I got instant...
Tom M.
Tom M.
Extremely responsive. Staff is proactive. Website is modern and easy to use. Discount for redditors!
Carol A.
Carol A.
Fast & simple to complete. Paid more than the $5.95 it first stated, but still good for the price. Easy to follow & anyone can pass if they can read. I...
Graham W.
Graham W.
I had an excellent experience with Best Online Traffic School. The class interface was easy to navigate. After completing the class, I had some issues...
McKenna S.
McKenna S.
Fairly simple to complete! There happens to be a lot of spelling errors though in the content which always made me feel nervous about credibility, but it is...
Callie H.
Callie H.
Transparent pricing and a fast, simple online traffic school platform. I was mildly annoyed by some typos and grammatical errors in their materials but I...
Angelina G.
Angelina G.
I received my first ticket ever and was really overwhelmed with everything I needed to do. This traffic school made the process really easy. I signed up...
Jess L.
Jess L.
Out of the hundreds (likely thousands?) of online traffic schools, I was lucky enough to come across this one! The price was great, even cheaper with a...
Avril H.
Avril H.
Great and informative traffic school. So easy and simple to use, I didn't know traffic school could be so cheap, fast and painless. Customer service is...
Zafaryab N.
Zafaryab N.
I spent an inordinate amount looking for a fast and easy traffic school. I figured after getting a ticket I deserved something painless! I saw Best Online...
Michelle J.
Michelle J.
The list of available online traffic schools that they give you online at the DMV site was too long to vet; so I googled for reviews and came across the...
Nathalia F.
Nathalia F.
Quick. Painless. Cheap.It's a 12 section course with a 25 question test at the end. Not difficult yet still informative. I used the YELP10 promo code and...
M B.
M B.
Went to reddit to look at traffic school recommendations, saw this company promoting themselves. Simple, easy, good looking site. Saw they are newly...
Jehan S.
Jehan S.
It was the easiest and quickest traffic school course I have ever done! I'm so glad I stumbled across this course. Every bit of it was clear and concise....
Shreya C.
Shreya C.
I really enjoyed the class and the convenience of taking the online course. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to complete traffic school. Amazing...
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