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Let’s face it: Most people aren’t taking traffic school by choice.

Whether you’re trying to erase a traffic ticket or reduce your auto insurance rates, you probably just want to get the whole thing over with as fast as possible.

That’s why we make the entire experience fast, risk-free and completely painless for you. Because traffic school doesn’t need to be intimidating, scary or complicated.

We believe that…

  • Traffic school should be the easiest part of the process, not the hardest.

  • You shouldn’t have to pay anything until AFTER you’ve passed your course.

  • Traffic school shouldn’t take a second longer than it needs to.

  • Customer service should be excellent, not just “good enough”.

  • You should never have to deal with hidden fees, bogus charges or inflated prices.

We promise to give you a traffic school experience that leaves you thinking “Wow, that was easy.” And unlike a lot of other traffic schools, we hope you never have to use our service again.

See for yourself why so many drivers have used us to breeze through their traffic school obligation without breaking a single sweat:

Verified Best Online Traffic School Reviews

Jasmine Zhang
Jasmine Z.
very quick to get it done! simply the best
Robert Miller
Robert M.
4 stars from me is very good because I don't give the fifth star unless I have other similar candidates in the same category for comparison.
Michelle Medrano
Michelle M.
Quick and very easy to use! Helped relieve the stress I had about this. Great customer service over their online chat. Would highly recommend as this was the best for completing online at the comfort of my own home.
Joey Molyneux
Joey M.
Fast, easy, and even has no-stress option where they take care of everything regarding your ticket for a small fee. Don't have to pay until you pass 👍
Alina Vega
Alina V.
This class was easy to navigate through, informative and fast. The support of the staff was so helpful for me to assure I did all I needed to do to close out my traffic ticket. Hi highly recommend.
Atomic Mtn Dew
Atomic Mtn D.
I honestly can’t believe how easy this was! And I’m one of those big worriers, easily stressed over trivial matters. I simply took the course online and passed the tests...all in all it took just a couple hours, no problems whatsoever. If you make the mistake of speeding and getting a ticket like I did, make Best Online Traffic School your first choice.
Caren Hutchins
Caren H.
Best Online Traffic School provided me with the best traffic school experience possible. The material is straightforward and easy to read allowing for great testing results.
Angelica Horrilleno
Angelica H.
Super quick, easy, & cost efficient. They’ll even follow up with the court to ensure your case closed for a small extra fee. 10/10 recommend to anyone who needs to do traffic school.
Ken Brown
Ken B.
Very easy to follow and understand. any questions answered immediately and very courteously by the online staff.
Lauran Kim
Lauran K.
Rodney was extremely professional and efficient with several questions I had. The process overall was very easy and transparent. Everything was directly to the point without any fluff. I chose the optional “peace of mind” package, which they offer when checking out and it definitely gave me a peace of mind when they provided further status until my case was closed.
Michael Saleh
Michael S.
Very painless way to complete your driver's school requirement.
Amanda Homa
Amanda H.
It's cheap, thorough, easy to navigate, easy to register with and approved by the DMV. There will be quite a bit of reading, but that's expected. My only suggestion to the owner would be to review and clean up some of the typos in the course material.
Best of the online traffic school options available. Sign up was easy, the class and final exam were quick. Website and class work great on a smartphone. Knocked out the entire thing using my phone on my lunch break at work. Don’t have to pay until you pass, and there are no hidden fees. Highly recommend!
Alex B.
Alex B.
If you are searching for an online traffic school because you need to fulfill your California traffic ticket requirement, SEARCH NO FURTHER.1) $10 ($9 w/...
Kurtis Gunther
Kurtis G.
Quick, informative, and easy. Everything you want in a traffic school online
joshua mora
joshua M.
very good school I recommend it's the best
Steven Lam
Steven L.
Great experience and very fast course. definitely recommend
Sharon Walter
Sharon W.
Great experience, easy to follow and I’m not a very technical person, thanks
Edwyn Velasco
Edwyn V.
The best, and easiest way to do traffic online. Already told my friends about it, Mr. Rodney was always there to answer any questions I had. Highly recommend them
Theresa M.
Theresa M.
I honestly never post reviews, but I have to say that this 5 star business is on point. Amazing service, go at your pace, definitely engaging and I PASSED...
Super easy website to navigate, good price, and didn’t take as long as I thought it would to finish the test.
Joel Jacobson
Joel J.
I haven't taken an online traffic school before, so not certain how it rates relative to others. The course took me longer than I expected after reading the reviews. I'm a pretty quick reader, but it took me about 4 hours, going at at somewhat steady pace. Other people said it took far less time. The sign up, instructions, and materials were easy and simple enough. The cost was reasonable.
Rian Malapitan
Rian M.
Quick and easy experience!
will cleto
will C.
Easy to navigate , very informational and test up to date and priced right very very happy with it... thank you
Suzanne Medof
Suzanne M.
This school was amazing! The registration was easy and the online class was easy too! I got stuck on one question during the test and was able to go back into the readings to find my answer. Having that ability was so useful! Thank you for an informative class. I even learned some new things!!! I highly recommend "Best Online Traffic School"!
Yumi Ezawa
Yumi E.
It was very easy and inexpensive. I paid $15 extra to have them take care of filling all the documents to court. They sent me a confirmation to notify me that case is closed. Rodney was very helpful.
Holly Runals
Holly R.
Easy to navigate and straightforward
Maria F
Maria F
Easier, impossible!!!
Suleima - Alex
Suleima - A.
Very easy.
Errol Valladares
Errol V.
Easy, fast, pretty inexpensive pay extra $15.00 and they take care of all filing and documents to the court then send a Confirmation that case is closed! Thank you
Nate Kalkofen
Nate K.
Great price and easy to complete. I was finished before I was even done with my morning coffee. Hopefully I never need to do traffic school again, but if I do, I'll be using this service.
Had to do a little bit of reading, but overall was very accommodating for someone with a busy schedule. Professional and thorough material that gives you what you need to meet standards. Even have an option at the end to pay for worry free follow w/ notification when your case is closed and requirements have been met. I do recommend this course
Joshua Boyce
Joshua B.
Quick and easy.
Mandy Morello
Mandy M.
Quick and easy course. Rodney was very helpful. He noticed there was a bug in the traffic court system and made sure to follow-up with me to have the court clear up the issue. Thank you and highly recommend this business.
Julia Yoon
Julia Y.
Super well-paced! This online program provides detailed lessons and makes it easy to learn.
Had a great experience with them. Took only a few hours to complete everything and received confirmation that it was submitted the next day. Definitely recommend.
chrz d
chrz d
Self-paced, very easy to navigate and a great price. The customer service is excellent as well. I would recommend this to everyone!
John Winkelman
John W.
As much as I hated having to take Traffic School, these guys did a tremendous job with the training, exams and follow-through. I couldn't be happier with the experience.
Troy Carroll
Troy C.
Quick, Easy, & affordable.
Susanna Medrano
Susanna M.
Fast and Easy. I recommend it best traffic school.
Ragupathy R
Ragupathy R
It is good to use this portal and had a nice experience.
Lian Luc
Lian L.
I'm very pleased with my experience for my online driving lessons on this website. I have not encountered any problems while I went through each lesson, very smoothly.
Ricardo Villarreal Vazquez
Ricardo Villarreal V.
Easy stuff
Joe Peter Medallon
Joe Peter M.
Great format and business model. While other traffic school tries to charge you so much with terrible formatting, this one keeps it simple. If I’m forced to take traffic school again, I’d be glad to redo it from here.
Manuel Leiva
Manuel L.
Best Online Traffic School is fantastic! I recommend it to everyone!!!
Daniela Jimenez
Daniela J.
Best online Traffic school ever it's easy and simple
Roxanne Ekhos
Roxanne E.
The course was very good. It did take me about 3 hours to complete. Much of the material was repeated in different modules, which was actually a good technique for reinforcing the learning objectives. I opted for the additional service of receiving confirmation when my case was cleared. Rodney was great and my case got cleared in about one week!
Alex R
Alex R
Fast and easy to do. Great with keeping in touch about your case! Will recommend 100 percent.
Charanjeev Pahwa
Charanjeev P.
It was fast n easy no problems at all
Stephen U.
Stephen U.
Getting a traffic ticket isn't fun: you're already in the hole a couple hundred dollars, you get a scary ticket printed on heat-sensitive paper, and you get...
Stephanie Ruggiero
Stephanie R.
Very reasonably priced. Clear information, very straightforward, and helpful. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs to complete traffic school!
alexis merrifield
alexis M.
It was easy simple and quick ! Can take breaks and not worry about a time crunch ! I even paid extra 9 bucks and they send everything to the dmv for you!!
Kenneth Campos
Kenneth C.
The lessons that were presented within the modules were precise and very easy to understand. Overall would recommend to other people. 10/10
Sheyla Perez
Sheyla P.
Great class and good service
Douglas Leiker
Douglas L.
Inexpensive price but does take a long time to complete the entire course. No need to pay up for any of the extras, as they are supposed to send all certificate information electronically to the court and DMV. I printed a hard copy and mailed it to cover myself just in case.
It’s seriously perfect. From beginning to end, even the customer support, fast and easy. Wow, thank you.
Irwing Ornelas
Irwing O.
I took this course the last day I was able to and it really saved me. It's legit, quick and probably the best price out there.
Roger Wong
Roger W.
So many traffic school can be found online when you Googgling, But this one truely is best!
Doug Shiels
Doug S.
Very convenient. Could work through it in pieces and pick back up wherever you left off.
ding bat
ding B.
Great experience - the follow up service is fantastic! I highly recommend their services.
It is easy to do on my own pace. And it costs way lower than what state charge for documentation fee.
David Bielby
David B.
The course helped me to obtain a perfect score on the final exam. So it worked. There were many, many typo/grammatical errors, and one of the videos did not play properly. But that didn't keep me from nailing the final. So I recommend this course !
Alberto Sanchez
Alberto S.
This was course was easy to read and understand. I Highly recommend it.
David Proctor
David P.
Very informative, and well designed class. Would recommend to all needing a traffic school.
Carleton Falzone
Carleton F.
great website, easy to use, sensible class, good follow up
Anita Gabriel
Anita G.
Clear. Concise. Efficient and no empty promises. They delivered exactly what they promised. Definitely recommend!
Erica Gonzalez
Erica G.
Had a great experience with this online traffic school! Number 1 in:-Professionalism-Best customer service-Affordable-Took me two hours, very easy curriculum Thank you for making this painless!
Xenia Valencia
Xenia V.
Fast and easy. Easy instructions easy questions any doubts no problem just reach out they contact you right away by phone or email. Very professional and there’s no hidden fees you get what’s promised you have the option of extra fee for peace of mind they send screenshots of documents sent to court and when your case is close.
David Chang
David C.
This is by far the best online traffic schools. It is easy to complete the course in a timely manner and price is amazing. Questions are reasonable and easy to pass the test.
Gene Rickert
Gene R.
The website is very straight forward. Rodney was quick to respond to my questions and helped me get signed on. The course is detailed but if you read the chapters you will pass the quiz’s and the final exam.
So easy and fast. Was able to start and finish all during my lunch break. Cheap as well. Highly recommend.
Well laid out and relevant material. Whether “masking” a ticket or boning up on your driving skills, the course will make you a better driver.
Jon Forterra
Jon F.
Simple site to navigate, the materials were formatted very clearly and I was surprised to actually learn some helpful safety guidelines to keep in mind while on the road. While registering I had an issue and their chat support agent responded quickly, understood my problem and accurately advised on my options. Would highly recommend.
Sharon Patterson
Sharon P.
Very easy and painless. Rodney will help you if you need it. Got my certificate back of completion in record time.
Ryan Mac
Ryan M.
Would recommend to anyone who needs to take traffic school. Easy to navigate and you can go at any pace you need.
Keri Miller
Keri M.
Great online traffic school. Very easy to read and answer questions. I finished it all in less than two days. I highly recommend this site, especially for the money !!
I really enjoyed the class and the professional website that they have. I had several questions about the course before I committed, and Rodney was able to answer those questions immediately. The course was well made and was clear, concise and informative. I highly recommend anyone interested in an online traffic school to use this one.
DIrk J.
DIrk J.
I really enjoyed the class and the professional website that they have. I had several questions before I committed, and Rodney was able to answer those...
James S.
James S.
OK, I was pretty impressed. Their customer service was surprisingly available and helpful. The interface for the program was very well put-together. I had...
I would highly recommend their service. I took the online course and it was quick, easy and painless as possible. Glad I did my traffic school with them! Totally recommend them :)
Popst Popst
Popst P.
Great. Precise and to the point. I also paid the 9.99 for all paper work to be submitted to avoid that hassle. Hopefully that also goes well.
Easy to go through. Took me 2 hours in total over the course of lazing around for a week.
harry zhang
harry Z.
it is the BEST online traffic school - unlimited tries, only pay when pass, and get real person help on anything you may run into unexpected.
David Magnuson
David M.
No problems. Took me a couple of hours, reading everything slowly. Could have done this much more quickly by clicking through the text quickly, paying attention to the answers on the quizes, and then taking the final test. The content is actually pretty good, maybe a little simple if you're an experienced driver. The idea is to be a safer driver, and that's a good thing.
Michael Milton
Michael M.
Fast and easy! Had it done in about an hour
Henry Kao
Henry K.
Great online traffic school, simple interface, easy to use and took care of my case handily ! Highly recommend !!
Dana Yuen
Dana Y.
Very fast (took me less than an hour?), easy to use, and great follow up customer service afterwards!
Angela A.
Angela A.
If you have to traffic school this is a great online program to use. I got through the instruction easily. You can finish at your own pace, the system...
Carl Schattke
Carl S.
This was only 9.99 with a yelp coupon. It was an efficient run trough of all the major driving issues that come up. I took a shower and this class in about 4-1/2 hours.
TSP Garage
Fast and easy thank you
Very good information, easy to use and get very good instructions along the way... Best online traffic school period just like the name states!
Sergio M. Thomas
Sergio M. T.
I promise you its easy as 1234567. Alot of common sense and a few things to think twice about. They send you a digital completion certificate and for a little extra they'll send it to the court and notify you when the court recieved and processed it. Why go to a 8 hour class when you can literally finish less than a hour if you know your stuff, Its also cheaper than paying someone to say you completed the class and handing you a certificate 😅UPDATE September 20th,2019 case closed. That's what I call efficient. Literally within a week after me completing the course, I received my certificate next day, they submitted my info and got the case closed. Good doing business with yall
Misha Bedner
Misha B.
I had a great experience with Best Online Traffic School. The course was educational and went by quickly. The follow up that my case was closed was a great addition. I would highly recommend this school. Thanks!
Adrian E.
Adrian E.
A little breakdown of my experience with tickets, so I've had about 3 speeding tickets (2 on my way to school trying to get on time and one in the middle of...
Eddie Valencia
Eddie V.
So awesome, straight forward and straight to the point!
Kenneth Shugars Jr.
Kenneth Shugars J.
Very good program here! Dont even pay until you pass. Thats really cool. Lot of educational info.
Harley Halpern
Harley H.
Price, navigation, and easy final all met my expectations and was great. My question is this: What percent of people taking this traffic school (or any traffic school) manage to go a full 18 months with no repeat violations? If the school doesn't improve driving and driving awareness, what a lost opportunity.
Linda MacCrae
Linda M.
The course was well written and the directions were easy to follow. There were interesting facts presented and it was easy to spread it over a few days by logging in and out as I had time.The price was good too.
Jennifer Fleet
Jennifer F.
The online course was very easy to complete. It requires a bit of reading, but it goes by fast. The site is easy to navigate and I liked having the option of being notified when the DMV had received my proof of completion. No one likes having to do traffic school, but this was relatively painless.
Alicia Zavala
Alicia Z.
My dear friend Nora studied and took her test. She loved this program. She felt refreshed with her knowledge of driving.
Elizabeth P.
Elizabeth P.
I had the bad luck of getting a speeding ticket on my way to work when I was only a block away. I went online to Reddit looking for some information about...
dae young Hur
dae young H.
Easy to finish
Aaron G.
Aaron G.
I was very impressed with the over all quality of service this company provided. I was given an enormous list of online traffic schools to choose from....
Mekzo Mekus
Mekzo M.
Truly the best online traffic school.Great course. Well constructed. Excellent Customer Service from Rodney and Sarah.Thanks again. Keep up the great work.
easy to use
gerardo cordero
gerardo C.
I was going to attend an actual traffic school instead of online but the guy on the phone came off as rude and just signing up for a class is a process and inconvenient. Anyway, I am glad I took this online traffic school, inexpensive, extremely convenient, and easy to follow.
Tommy Grahn
Tommy G.
After procrastinating up until the day the traffic school was due I signed up for this course. Easy as pie to get through with fast and easy final exam. This is the one to pick from that HUGE LIST!
Kimberly Avila
Kimberly A.
Easy and simple to get through
Lorrie Mitchell
Lorrie M.
Great Fast Easy would use them if I have to again!
Kalen Hawley
Kalen H.
An amazing online traffic school class. Literally took me less than an hour to register and complete.
Doug Thompson
Doug T.
Great course! Well written. Easy to read. Throughout the course there is a gentle focus on the mindset we need to bring to our driving. Very refreshing. Very powerful.
Mike Cunningham
Mike C.
Great program! Can’t beat the price and the course is easy to use.
Terry Torres
Terry T.
This Traffic School was the most easiest way to get my Certificate. Very helpful and it was set up so that I can enjoy studying when I have the time.
Susan Sheldon
Susan S.
I felt the course for traffic school through was very thorough and gave me new confidence in my driving knowledge. It probably wasn’t the fastest one available but it was a quality experience which was what I was really looking for. If you’re looking for a reputable company I would not hesitate to recommend this school.
Michael Wolf
Michael W.
I've been driving a long time with a nearly spotless record and thought I knew it all. Assume nothing; Important to read everything. Very good course, easy but read the final questions carefully. When you park on a hill do you a. Turn your wheel left. b. Right. c. straight d. None of the above
Greg J.
Greg J.
Awesome customer service, Rodney responded to my question immediately - even though it was around 10pm. It was also great that I didn't have to give my...
Brian Negre
Brian N.
This is by far the most convenient, inexpensive, and straight forward traffic school out there. I would highly recommend this online course.
Tebbi McDonough
Tebbi M.
Extremely thorough. Learned alot. Refreshed my 1970 drivers education knowledge to 2019 driving standards, alot has changed.
Eric Tomas
Eric T.
The material was easy to follow and the final test was much of the review material from the other sections. Overall an easy experience and will follow up with the court has confirmed completion.
James Russell Dorr
James Russell D.
This was the most efficient way for me to take care of my traffic school requirement. The course was well organized, and extremely informative. I was reminded of good driving habits, and learned additional traffic requirements. I highly recommend the school and course. Rodney was particularly helpful.
Samantha Pedregon
Samantha P.
This website was great! Simple and to the point for traffic school. The information wasn't boring and the website was fantastic and easy to use. Would highly recommend using this service again.
Marisa Elena
Marisa E.
This traffic school was great! It's cheap, easy to navigate and can go by very quickly. Easy reads with a casual tone and some videos. Everything is at your pace so if you can read quick you'll be done quick. The final test is super easy and you get multiple attempts. Nothing is timed. Honestly best traffic school.
Michael Kim
Michael K.
fast and easy
sandy amendola
sandy A.
Very easy to read and complete. It did take more than the 60mins to complete, I didn't keep track of the time but I would say at least 2 hours spread over 2 days. I didn't need to access help.
Diana Luoh
Diana L.
Very easy to follow and material is very helpful.
Carla J
Carla J
Was really nice to use Best online traffic school. Very professional and helpful customer service.
christine boutwell
christine B.
Good school, it's important to remember how not to take for granted the rules of the road to be a safe driver.
Eddie M.
Eddie M.
This team was SUPER helpful & prompt - especially Rodney. I missed the date for my traffic school and he went out of his way to get me an extension. Also,...
John B.
John B.
Excellent Customer Service, Intuitive WebsiteThese guys were recommended on reddit - they did not disappoint. The test was quick, website was intuitive,...
Lynnette F.
Lynnette F.
WOW!!! Well, I got my first ticket at the age of 55!!! I couldn't believe it, but I was in the wrong, and laughed about it with the CHP officer. I mean,...
Kim R.
Kim R.
Best Online Traffic School was quick and convenient. I completed my class and passed in three hours.
Timothy L.
Timothy L.
Very informative traffic school for a great price. Their customer service was also very helpful and friendly. Would recommend to anybody I know.
Brigitte E.
Brigitte E.
I picked Best Online Traffic School based off of the Yelp reviews. So glad I did. Instructions to sign up were clear and simple, the website presentation...
Breanna D.
Breanna D.
Great customer service! It was fast & easy to complete as well. They went out of their way to help me:)
Ryan D.
Ryan D.
The school is great . Fast n easy material to study . Clear and easy to understand . There was a time I can't log and and I mesg them and I got instant...
Tom M.
Tom M.
Extremely responsive. Staff is proactive. Website is modern and easy to use. Discount for redditors!
Carol A.
Carol A.
Fast & simple to complete. Paid more than the $5.95 it first stated, but still good for the price. Easy to follow & anyone can pass if they can read. I...
Graham W.
Graham W.
I had an excellent experience with Best Online Traffic School. The class interface was easy to navigate. After completing the class, I had some issues...
McKenna S.
McKenna S.
Fairly simple to complete! There happens to be a lot of spelling errors though in the content which always made me feel nervous about credibility, but it is...
Callie H.
Callie H.
Transparent pricing and a fast, simple online traffic school platform. I was mildly annoyed by some typos and grammatical errors in their materials but I...
Angelina G.
Angelina G.
I received my first ticket ever and was really overwhelmed with everything I needed to do. This traffic school made the process really easy. I signed up...
Jess L.
Jess L.
Out of the hundreds (likely thousands?) of online traffic schools, I was lucky enough to come across this one! The price was great, even cheaper with a...
Avril H.
Avril H.
Great and informative traffic school. So easy and simple to use, I didn't know traffic school could be so cheap, fast and painless. Customer service is...
Zafaryab N.
Zafaryab N.
I spent an inordinate amount looking for a fast and easy traffic school. I figured after getting a ticket I deserved something painless! I saw Best Online...
Michelle J.
Michelle J.
The list of available online traffic schools that they give you online at the DMV site was too long to vet; so I googled for reviews and came across the...
Nathalia F.
Nathalia F.
Quick. Painless. Cheap.It's a 12 section course with a 25 question test at the end. Not difficult yet still informative. I used the YELP10 promo code and...
M B.
M B.
Went to reddit to look at traffic school recommendations, saw this company promoting themselves. Simple, easy, good looking site. Saw they are newly...
Jehan S.
Jehan S.
It was the easiest and quickest traffic school course I have ever done! I'm so glad I stumbled across this course. Every bit of it was clear and concise....
Shreya C.
Shreya C.
I really enjoyed the class and the convenience of taking the online course. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to complete traffic school. Amazing...
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