California DMV Licensed Traffic School List

Once you’ve pled guilty to your traffic ticket, paid the bail fee and the traffic school administrative fee, you’re probably wondering how to find a licensed online traffic school. Fortunately for you, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has created a Licensed Traffic School List that you can go through.

You can also call the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Business Licensing Unit at (916) 229-3127 and request a list of traffic violator schools be sent to you via snail mail or fax.

Through the DMV website, you can select the mode of education as well (Online or Internet, Classroom or Home Study). Online is the cheapest and most convenient option. You can even narrow down your choice by searching for Traffic School Licenses by County, City Name, Zip Code, Business Name and/or Alternate Language.

Note: Internet Traffic Schools are licensed to operate statewide and their course completions are accepted by all court in California.

The bad news is that the list is very hard to navigate. There are nearly 2,000 licensed online traffic schools in California! The DMV Traffic School List does not contain any information on how much the course costs either.

This allows other schools to upcharge students for silly things like a next day copy of their certificate of completion (the completion is submitted online to the DMV, so this certificate has no real value) or expedited submission to the court and DMV (there is no cost to the traffic school owner to click a button faster, this is pure profit) or for unlimited retakes (why should you pay for a course you didn’t complete?)

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California DMV Traffic School List

California DMV Licensed Traffic School List

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