DMV Traffic School List

Have you already pled guilty to your traffic violation and paid the bail fee and traffic school administrative fee?

Are you wondering how to find a licensed online traffic school to get your ticket out of the picture?

If so, then we get how frustrating the entire experience can be. The good news is that the hard part is over – because finding a qualified traffic school has never been this easy.

We’ll show you a few options on how you can get your court obligation out of the way quickly and painlessly.

Option 1: Find The Traffic School Yourself

Your first option is to go through the DMV website. Here you can select the mode of education (Online or Internet, Classroom or Home Study). Online is the cheapest and most convenient option, and all online licensed traffic schools are accepted by all courts in California.

You can then narrow down your choice by searching for Traffic School Licenses by County, City Name, Zip Code, Business Name and/or Alternate Language.

You can also verify that a traffic school is licensed in the State of California if you wish.

The bad news, however, is that the DMV Traffic School List is very hard to navigate.

There are nearly 2,000 licensed online traffic schools in California – and there’s no information on the DMV’s website on how much each course costs or what it’s rated by customers.

And while all the online traffic schools on the list are licensed, the price and quality will vary.

Some online traffic schools charge extra for items that should already be included or items that make no difference (such as expedited processing, which the traffic school has no control over).

To make sure you find a quality traffic school, you should look for one that:

  • Features a clear, all-inclusive price with no hidden fees
  • Has excellent customer support and is available 24/7 (and not just 8 hours a day)
  • Includes same-day electronic processing
  • Does not charge extra for retakes, physical certificates, expedited processing
  • Has great reviews
  • And ideally, doesn’t charge you anything until you actually pass your test

Want to find a quality traffic school that checks all of these boxes within the next few seconds? Then read below.

Option 2 (Easiest): Use Best Online Traffic School

You can go through the trouble of combing through the list of all available traffic schools and spend hours doing research on each one – or you can use Best Online Traffic School to knock out your court obligation and submit your exam the same day.

We’re an officially licensed traffic school by the California DMV (#E1314) and ready to help you erase your traffic ticket and move on with your life.

We get that the last thing you want is for an annoying traffic violation to hold you back, so that’s why we make it easy, convenient and completely risk-free to sign up and ace your traffic school test.

We don’t believe in hidden fees, bogus charges or inflated prices. When you sign up you’re protected every step of the way with our “Don’t Pay Until You Pass” Guarantee.

Take our course as many times as you need to – and don’t pay a penny until that final exam is completely finished. We’ll take the pressure off so that you can do your best.

Once you’ve passed your exam, our fee of just $9.99 will include all of the following:

  • Same-day Electronic Submission to the Court and DMV
  • Unlimited Retakes
  • Free Electronic Certificate Copy
  • 24/7 Live Chat & Support
  • Secure Payment Processing & Encryption

Plus, our average completion time is 30 – 90 minutes – meaning you can get it done in a single session.

Ready to see how painless traffic school can be? Just click the button below to sign up and get traffic school out of the way for good.

Our Traffic School License Information

CA DMV Traffic School License

Our DMV License is E1314 and can be found on the DMV’s website. We are listed as “Best Online Traffic School”.

CA DMV Traffic School License

Approved Traffic School List

Best Online Traffic School course is on the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) approved traffic school list. Our course is accepted by all courts in California.

Approved Traffic School List

Ready to put your traffic ticket behind you and move on with your life? Get started today at absolutely no cost and pass your exam in as little as 30 minutes. Just click the button below to sign up and – it’s fast, easy and completely risk-free.

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