How Long is Traffic School?

We often get asked by our students, how long is traffic school? Or can I complete the course today if my due date is tonight? Traffic schools advertise all kinds of times to completion and there’s a good reason for that.

How Long is Traffic School

The honest answer is that online traffic school can take on average around 2-3 hours. At least that is what we’ve seen, at Best Online Traffic School, on average. Of course, some people choose to spread it out over many days, but the actual time spent onscreen depends on many factors. For example, the time you spend depends on your reading speed, how much you focus on course materials and your existing understanding of traffic safety laws. So we usually tell students, it depends on them and this is true

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DMV Time Requirement for Online Traffic Schools

There is no official time requirement for online traffic schools. However, classroom traffic school courses have an 8-hour requirement. According to the California DMV’s Outline of Required Topics and Standards for Approved Traffic Violator School Course OL 613:

“Each course must provide a minimum of 340 minutes of time for classroom instruction or a 42,500 word count for non-classroom instruction expressly devoted to traffic safety and provide a minimum of 60 minutes for completion of the required final test.”

At Best Online Traffic School, we have no timers. Simply read the material and answer the quiz and move on. There are a total of 13 lessons and quizzes, with lesson 13 being the final exam. You have unlimited attempts at passing the quizzes. Each quiz has four questions and you need to get at least three correct to pass. The final exam has 25 multiple choice questions, in which you need to get at least 70% correct to pass. You get two attempts at the final exam. If you fail the second time, your account will be deactivated – however, you can register again and take the course.

All this means is that if you can read through the lessons quickly, answer the quiz questions correctly and finish the exam, you can be done with your traffic school requirement within an hour.

Best Online Traffic School Course Overview

The screenshot below shows our course dashboard along with the topics of what you can expect to study. If you’re interested in taking a peek, watch our course preview video.

Best Online Traffic School Course Overview

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