The easiest and fastest traffic school I've ever been to
Prateek Agarwal
16:41 13 Nov 18
Extremely efficient. Helped me a lot.
Benjamin Guez
04:51 16 Nov 18
I really enjoyed the class and the convenience of taking the online course. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to complete traffic more
Shreya Celly
15:01 16 Nov 18
Excellent experience! Quick and straight-forward in its presentation of the course material and testing. I would absolutely use Best Online Traffic School again (hopefully I don’t have to) and recommend them to family and friends!read more
James Milner
10:26 17 Nov 18
Best Online Traffic School was so easy. As long as you read each section, you will pass. It was easy to navigate. I'm thoroughly impressed. I hope I won't have to use them again, but if I do, I will come back. Other schools will try to upsell but you don’t need anything else!read more
Duncan Margalef
15:44 17 Nov 18
After a red light ticket, I chose Best Online Traffic School after doing a lot of research and reviewing several other schools and I have ZERO regrets. The course was well organized and most importantly, I actually learned things. I would recommend this course for everyone, traffic ticket or not!read more
David Pair
15:36 17 Nov 18
It was the easiest and quickest traffic school course I have ever done! I am so glad I stumbled across this course. Every bit of it was clear and concise. You get to retake the quizzes as many times as you like. The final exam allows you 2 tries to pass and you need a score of 70% or higher. If you fail, they even allow you to retake the class for free. Best of luck. Drive safely and don't be getting traffic tickets. :)read more
Jehan Sagadevan
11:21 19 Nov 18
Amazing! Best Online Traffic school was completely painless. The course was short and to the point. I actually learned information from the course that I can use while driving avoid another ticket or an accident!I would definitely recommend this class!!read more
Francisco Javier deFrutos Sánchez
02:13 21 Nov 18
loved the easy and speed at which i could read the content and easily take tests. Highly recommend! it took me 28 min to finish the course and pass the test. Thank you!read more
Natasha Berness
20:58 30 Nov 18
There was some repetition of info and a lot of it seemed like common sense stuff... UNTIL.. it was time for a quiz or the final test. Then hours and hours of reading what had seemed like such common information suddenly became important. Multiple choice questions- some of them tricky if you don't know the numbers they ask for. My only complaint: It is claimed to be an open book final exam, however after completing some questions, I tried to go back to a specific chapter to find the meaning of an acronym and it dumped my previous entries and I had to begin the test again. Total time (for me) spent on this course was a day and a half. I could have done it quicker but you really do need to slow down to thoroughly comprehend some of the info for testing purposes. Some typos and odd grammar here and there, but the net result in my case was a PASS on the first try. I would recommend this course. Might suggest that the photos and illustrations that are used should correlate more precisely with what is being taught at that moment. Also, unless there is a minimum number of words that the State requires for the school, much of the text is conversational fluff and could easily be eliminated. I think back to the DMV guidebooks when I first got my license many years ago- just the facts!read more
Bob Brown
01:52 19 Jan 19
When reseaching online traffic schools, Best stood out among others as simple and fairly priced. I ignored the Discount Code because "Best " easily deserved their course fee. The course was well organized and interesting. I refreshed my knowledge and I learned relatively current driving more
Chuck Everett
21:00 20 Jan 19
Amazing Customer Services. I had a question and they helped out immediately. Owner is beyond helpful and understanding.Thank youread more
Bella Rose
04:04 28 Jan 19
Best Online Traffic School was thorough and easy to sign up and pass. Their system lets you work at your own pace, as slow or as fast as you prefer. I am glad I chose them to get my point removed!read more
David DiVecchio
16:16 12 Apr 19
I’m very satisfied with the service .i got a ticket and I just took the course in my house ,I passed the test and I received my certificate the same day ,they submitted to the DMV and the courthouse where I was suppose to go to court and I don’t have a point on my driver’s license ,I’m so happy I took this course, it’s easy and fast ,I really recommend this wonderful course ,you don’t have to take a course that takes 8 hours ,you can do it in your own house and you save time doing it here ,if you got a ticket i recommend you to do it here ,I rate it 5 stars but it deserves a lot more
Onelia Espinoza
01:33 27 Apr 19
Quite easy I must say. Took a few hours only because I took my time reading the lessons. I highly recommend.
Alex Enríquez
18:25 06 May 19
User friendly and really helpful any time you need help. Pleasant experience and definitely do read thoroughly for great understanding. All the little quizzes at the end of each module did help more
Diane Nguyen
19:15 08 May 19
The course is quite a learning experience. There is a wealth of useful, possibly life-saving information in it. But, be prepared: unless you just skim the material, which will likely cause you to flunk the final exam, it will take you several hours to finish it. This is not a criticism; it will be time well more
Joseph Szabo
00:23 11 May 19
The registration was very easy, the price was the cheapest I've seen, the material was easy to read and assimilate and the chapter tests were very easy. Only two very tiny criticisms: 1) the final test had two questions that were worded in a rather convoluted way and so were rather challenging to decipher and required multiple readings before answering. But I still scored 100% on the final and in fact, only missed one question on all of the chapter tests combined. But in case you don't fare as well, getting less than 70%, you can retake the whole course for free. AND 2) When paying be SURE to use all four digits for the year when entering the expiration date on your card or it will be declined. I called them to address these two issues and they were incredibly helpful and willing to address the convoluted language of those only two questions. All in all, it was quite painless as traffic school goes and I will hopefully not be needing them again for a very long time. But if I do, I will come back. $9.99 is the best rate I've seen for online traffic school. They do seem to be appropriately named. :)read more
Susan Denaker
23:37 17 May 19


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