The online course was very easy to complete. It requires a bit of reading, but it goes by fast. The site is easy to navigate and I liked having the option of being notified when the DMV had received my proof of completion. No one likes having to do traffic school, but this was relatively painless.
Jennifer Fleet
My dear friend Nora studied and took her test. She loved this program. She felt refreshed with her knowledge of driving.
Alicia Zavala
I had the bad luck of getting a speeding ticket on my way to work when I was only a block away. I went online to Reddit looking for some information about...
Elizabeth P.
I promise you its easy as 1234567. Alot of common sense and a few things to think twice about. They send you a digital completion certificate and for a little extra they'll send it to the court and notify you when the court recieved and processed it. Why go to a 8 hour class when you can literally finish less than a hour if you know your stuff, Its also cheaper than paying someone to say you completed the class and handing you a certificate 😅
Sergio M. Thomas
Easy to finish
dae young Hur
I was very impressed with the over all quality of service this company provided. I was given an enormous list of online traffic schools to choose from....
Aaron G.
Truly the best online traffic school.Great course. Well constructed. Excellent Customer Service from Rodney and Sarah.Thanks again. Keep up the great work.
Mekzo Mekus
I was going to attend an actual traffic school instead of online but the guy on the phone came off as rude and just signing up for a class is a process and inconvenient. Anyway, I am glad I took this online traffic school, inexpensive, extremely convenient, and easy to follow.
gerardo cordero
After procrastinating up until the day the traffic school was due I signed up for this course. Easy as pie to get through with fast and easy final exam. This is the one to pick from that HUGE LIST!
Tommy Grahn
Easy and simple to get through
Kimberly Avila
Great Fast Easy would use them if I have to again!
Lorrie Mitchell
An amazing online traffic school class. Literally took me less than an hour to register and complete.
Kalen Hawley
Great course! Well written. Easy to read. Throughout the course there is a gentle focus on the mindset we need to bring to our driving. Very refreshing. Very powerful.
Doug Thompson
Great program! Can’t beat the price and the course is easy to use.
Mike Cunningham
This Traffic School was the most easiest way to get my Certificate. Very helpful and it was set up so that I can enjoy studying when I have the time.
Terry Torres
I felt the course for traffic school through was very thorough and gave me new confidence in my driving knowledge. It probably wasn’t the fastest one available but it was a quality experience which was what I was really looking for. If you’re looking for a reputable company I would not hesitate to recommend this school.
Susan Sheldon
I've been driving a long time with a nearly spotless record and thought I knew it all. Assume nothing; Important to read everything. Very good course, easy but read the final questions carefully. When you park on a hill do you a. Turn your wheel left. b. Right. c. straight d. None of the above
Michael Wolf
Awesome customer service, Rodney responded to my question immediately - even though it was around 10pm. It was also great that I didn't have to give my...
Greg J.
This is by far the most convenient, inexpensive, and straight forward traffic school out there. I would highly recommend this online course.
Brian Negre
The material was easy to follow and the final test was much of the review material from the other sections. Overall an easy experience and will follow up with the court has confirmed completion.
Eric Tomas
This was the most efficient way for me to take care of my traffic school requirement. The course was well organized, and extremely informative. I was reminded of good driving habits, and learned additional traffic requirements. I highly recommend the school and course. Rodney was particularly helpful.
James Russell Dorr
This website was great! Simple and to the point for traffic school. The information wasn't boring and the website was fantastic and easy to use. Would highly recommend using this service again.
Samantha Pedregon
This traffic school was great! It's cheap, easy to navigate and can go by very quickly. Easy reads with a casual tone and some videos. Everything is at your pace so if you can read quick you'll be done quick. The final test is super easy and you get multiple attempts. Nothing is timed. Honestly best traffic school.
Marisa Elena
fast and easy
Michael Kim


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