This team was SUPER helpful & prompt - especially Rodney. I missed the date for my traffic school and he went out of his way to get me an extension. Also,...
Eddie M.
Excellent Customer Service, Intuitive WebsiteThese guys were recommended on reddit - they did not disappoint. The test was quick, website was intuitive,...
John B.
WOW!!! Well, I got my first ticket at the age of 55!!! I couldn't believe it, but I was in the wrong, and laughed about it with the CHP officer. I mean,...
Lynnette F.
Best Online Traffic School was quick and convenient. I completed my class and passed in three hours.
Kim R.
Very informative traffic school for a great price. Their customer service was also very helpful and friendly. Would recommend to anybody I know.
Timothy L.
I picked Best Online Traffic School based off of the Yelp reviews. So glad I did. Instructions to sign up were clear and simple, the website presentation...
Brigitte E.
Great customer service! It was fast & easy to complete as well. They went out of their way to help me:)
Breanna D.
The school is great . Fast n easy material to study . Clear and easy to understand . There was a time I can't log and and I mesg them and I got instant...
Ryan D.
Extremely responsive. Staff is proactive. Website is modern and easy to use. Discount for redditors!
Tom M.
Fast & simple to complete. Paid more than the $5.95 it first stated, but still good for the price. Easy to follow & anyone can pass if they can read. I...
Carol A.
I had an excellent experience with Best Online Traffic School. The class interface was easy to navigate. After completing the class, I had some issues...
Graham W.
Fairly simple to complete! There happens to be a lot of spelling errors though in the content which always made me feel nervous about credibility, but it is...
McKenna S.
Transparent pricing and a fast, simple online traffic school platform. I was mildly annoyed by some typos and grammatical errors in their materials but I...
Callie H.
I received my first ticket ever and was really overwhelmed with everything I needed to do. This traffic school made the process really easy. I signed up...
Angelina G.
Out of the hundreds (likely thousands?) of online traffic schools, I was lucky enough to come across this one! The price was great, even cheaper with a...
Jess L.
Great and informative traffic school. So easy and simple to use, I didn't know traffic school could be so cheap, fast and painless. Customer service is...
Avril H.
I spent an inordinate amount looking for a fast and easy traffic school. I figured after getting a ticket I deserved something painless! I saw Best Online...
Zafaryab N.
The list of available online traffic schools that they give you online at the DMV site was too long to vet; so I googled for reviews and came across the...
Michelle J.
Quick. Painless. Cheap.It's a 12 section course with a 25 question test at the end. Not difficult yet still informative. I used the YELP10 promo code and...
Nathalia F.
Clear and thorough courses.
Tony Barraza
It was the easiest and quickest traffic school course I have ever done! I'm so glad I stumbled across this course. Every bit of it was clear and concise....
Jehan S.
I really enjoyed the class and the convenience of taking the online course. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to complete traffic school. Amazing...
Shreya C.


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