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Well laid out and relevant material. Whether “masking” a ticket or boning up on your driving skills, the course will make you a better driver.
Simple site to navigate, the materials were formatted very clearly and I was surprised to actually learn some helpful safety guidelines to keep in mind while on the road. While registering I had an issue and their chat support agent responded quickly, understood my problem and accurately advised on my options. Would highly recommend.
Jon Forterra
Very easy and painless. Rodney will help you if you need it. Got my certificate back of completion in record time.
Sharon Patterson
Great online traffic school. Very easy to read and answer questions. I finished it all in less than two days. I highly recommend this site, especially for the money !!
Keri Miller
I really enjoyed the class and the professional website that they have. I had several questions about the course before I committed, and Rodney was able to answer those questions immediately. The course was well made and was clear, concise and informative. I highly recommend anyone interested in an online traffic school to use this one.
I really enjoyed the class and the professional website that they have. I had several questions before I committed, and Rodney was able to answer those...
DIrk J.
OK, I was pretty impressed. Their customer service was surprisingly available and helpful. The interface for the program was very well put-together. I had...
James S.
I would highly recommend their service. I took the online course and it was quick, easy and painless as possible. Glad I did my traffic school with them! Totally recommend them :)
Great. Precise and to the point. I also paid the 9.99 for all paper work to be submitted to avoid that hassle. Hopefully that also goes well.
Popst Popst
Easy to go through. Took me 2 hours in total over the course of lazing around for a week.
it is the BEST online traffic school - unlimited tries, only pay when pass, and get real person help on anything you may run into unexpected.
harry zhang
No problems. Took me a couple of hours, reading everything slowly. Could have done this much more quickly by clicking through the text quickly, paying attention to the answers on the quizes, and then taking the final test. The content is actually pretty good, maybe a little simple if you're an experienced driver. The idea is to be a safer driver, and that's a good thing.
David Magnuson
Fast and easy! Had it done in about an hour
Michael Milton
Great online traffic school, simple interface, easy to use and took care of my case handily ! Highly recommend !!
Henry Kao
Very fast (took me less than an hour?), easy to use, and great follow up customer service afterwards!
Dana Yuen
If you have to traffic school this is a great online program to use. I got through the instruction easily. You can finish at your own pace, the system...
Angela A.
This was only 9.99 with a yelp coupon. It was an efficient run trough of all the major driving issues that come up. I took a shower and this class in about 4-1/2 hours.
Carl Schattke
Fast and easy thank you
TSP Garage
Very good information, easy to use and get very good instructions along the way... Best online traffic school period just like the name states!
I had a great experience with Best Online Traffic School. The course was educational and went by quickly. The follow up that my case was closed was a great addition. I would highly recommend this school. Thanks!
Misha Bedner
A little breakdown of my experience with tickets, so I've had about 3 speeding tickets (2 on my way to school trying to get on time and one in the middle of...
Adrian E.
So awesome, straight forward and straight to the point!
Eddie Valencia
Very good program here! Dont even pay until you pass. Thats really cool. Lot of educational info.
Kenneth Shugars Jr.
The course was well written and the directions were easy to follow. There were interesting facts presented and it was easy to spread it over a few days by logging in and out as I had time.The price was good too.
Linda MacCrae


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