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Cost $10, took about 10 minutes. Most my time was spent rapidly scrolling to the bottom of the page so I could click next and get to the next quiz. Search Google for the question if you're not sure of the answer. I didn't refer to any of the course materials and passed without issue.
Max Cadenasso
Simply the best!
Mike Li
Best Online Traffic School was extremely user friendly! Straight forward, easy, fast and streamlined. I highly recommend Best Online!
margie meza
Very Good course the learning was straight forward and easy to understand Great job~!
Dave Leyva
Very easy to use and straight forward. Didn’t have any problems at all using this! Highly recommend.🙏🏽
Erick Ramirez
Great service with full of knowledge Easy and simple procedure to clear the test
Simple. Quick. Informative and convenient. Clear and very helpful. Last minute life saver! Thank you. Loved it.
Pablo Garcia Alvarez
Best traffic school out there, it's easy fast and have great customer service, please do us both a favor and check them out. You'll thank me later. G.M
Junior Maalouf
There are thousands of online traffic courses to choose from. To be honest, I can’t compare this one with the others because I only had to choose one. But I can say that his one was simple to take, thorough, engaging, and professional. They made the process very smooth and were an excellent value. I highly recommend this course.
David Morrow
Super easy
Anthony Costanzo
Great, fast and affordable. Honestly the best traffic school.
Supreet Pal
I reccomend anyone to try this traffic school! It was fast,easy, & convenient since it is all online & you can complete it at your own time. Also, the price was really good as well ONLY $9.00 for the course & they electronically submit your completion certificate to the DMV & court. Overall very satisfied with their services. I was able to close my case quickly with their help. :)
Beatriz Gonzalez
Fast and efficient. Still waiting on my status update with the court. Will update the review when I have confirmed it.
Les Fujimoto
Time consuming but basically very clear and effortless. I went through the entire 13 parts in one shot and avoided the drastic increase in my car insurance. Excellent site.
David Irving
Online service was as fast and efficient as advertised.
Conner Blake
Fast easy it’s really only 9.99 no bs no hidden anything pretty transparent thank you!
Tracyporter Ismyhero
Found this site on Reddit. I like that I can go at my own pace. The whole process was simple to follow and their service was good. I would recommend using this online traffic school.
Ken Nguyen
Very simple, easy and fast. Gives you every single piece of information needed to successfully pass the first time. Will recommend.
Brittany Perez
Very easy website to use.
Linda Wilding
Best Traffic School experience EVER! If you ran that red light at Hawthorne and got that $500 red light ticket and now have to do traffic school to keep that point off your record.. this is the school for you! #bestever
Natalie Garcia
Fast, Easy to follow, and the best part is you receive follow up emails regarding your traffic case! Overall great, hopefully I never have to take traffic school again but this is the one I would definitely come back to and recommend.
Jackie Sanchez
I highly recommend Best Online Traffic School. Their course was very quick and easy. I paid extra to be notified that my case was closed and I’m glad I did because Best Online Traffic School fount a glitch in the court’s system that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. They are super quick in responding to all my emails as well. I would use them again... but I hope I don’t ever have to ;-)
Rachael D
This traffic school is truly the best they are really $9.99 they take care of everything for you it does take about 4 to 6 hours to complete the whole thing I had to break my traffic school into a few days the website saved all your work for you absolutely stress-free
It is a excellent website, and helps me a lot. It makes my life easier
DJP101 R


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