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  1. windshield repair guide

    Windshield Repair: Addressing Chips, Cracks, and Choosing Repair Kits

    Timely windshield repair is crucial to your safety on the road. Here’s how to fix chips and small cracks by yourself, even if you’ve never done it before.

  2. Bike Accidents Statistics [2024]

    Bike Accident Statistics [2024]

    The latest bike accident statistics confirm that cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users. Let’s go over these figures and why they matter.

  3. How to Switch a Drivers License from State to State

    How to Switch a Driver’s License from State to State

    One of the first things you must do when moving to another state is switch your driver’s license. Here’s what you should know about it and how to do it right.

  4. How-to-Remove-Scratches-from-a-Car

    How to Remove Scratches from Car [2024]

    Car scratches and other blemishes are inevitable, but you can reduce their appearance. Here’s how to remove scratches from your car without professional help.

  5. How to Get a Probationary Drivers License in California?

    How to Get a Probationary Driver’s License in California 

    A probationary driver’s license allows teens to practice their newly acquired skills and gain experience on the road. Here’s what you should know about it.

  6. texting and driving

    Texting and Driving Statistics [2024]

    Each year, thousands of people lose their lives because of texting and driving. Here’s what you should know about it and how to kick the habit.

  7. Clay Bar Treatments

    Clay Bar Treatments: The Ultimate Guide [2024]

    Clay bar treatments can restore the shine of your car paint and protect against future damage. Here’s how to use a clay bar for optimal results.

  8. Car Crash Statistics [2023]

    Car Crash Statistics [2024]

    California has one of the highest motor vehicle death rates in the U.S. See the latest car crash statistics so you can anticipate potential risks.

  9. California Vehicle Registration Guide for 2024

    California Vehicle Registration Guide for 2024

    California vehicle registration is more or less complex, depending on your circumstances. Here are five steps to register a new or used car.

  10. How to Replace a Headlight Bulb

    Knowing how to replace a headlight bulb could save your life, especially when driving at night. All you need are some basic tools and 15 minutes of your time.

  11. How to Choose the Right Synthetic Oil for Optimum Engine Performance

    How to Choose the Best Synthetic Oil

    The best synthetic oil can extend your engine’s lifespan and potentially lead to cost savings. Here’s how to choose one that meets your needs.

  12. How to Register a Vehicle from Out of State in California

    How to Register an Out-of-State Vehicle in California

    Planning to move to the Golden State? Here’s how to register a vehicle from out of state in California and what you can expect to pay.

  13. California Road Signs

    California Road Signs and Their Meanings

    California road signs come in different shapes and colors, each with a different purpose. Let’s see what they mean and why they matter.

  14. Senior Driver's License Renewal in California

    Senior Driver’s License Renewal California [2024]

    For the millions of registered drivers who are ages 70 & up, renewing a senior driver’s license in California can be confusing.

  15. Teen Driving Safety: Get the Facts Straight

    Teen Driving Safety: Get the Facts Straight 

    Learn teen driving safety tips, understand the risks, and explore defensive driving techniques and guidance for young drivers to navigate roads safely.

  16. Why Regular Oil Changes Are Crucial for Your Car’s Health

    How Often To Change Oil

    Traditionally, car manufacturers recommended changing the oil every 3,000 miles or every three months—whichever came first. 

  17. Lower Your Premiums with Government-Mandated Auto Insurance Discounts for Seniors

    Lower Your Premiums with Government-Mandated Auto Insurance Discounts for Seniors

    You may be eligible for government-mandated auto insurance discounts. Most states require insurance companies to offer such discounts to senior drivers. 

  18. the Best Radar Detectors

    Top Radar Detectors in 2024: Ultimate Buying Guide & Laws

    Our guide will teach the ins & outs of how radar detectors work, what features to consider, and the best radar detectors on the market for various budgets.

  19. Level 2 Chargers

    The Best Level 2 Chargers for 2024: Comprehensive Guide

    Explore the top Level 2 chargers for 2024. Understand their benefits, key features, and pick the best charger for efficient home charging.

  20. Drowsy Driving Poses Similar Risks as Drunk Driving

    Drowsy Driving Poses Similar Risks as Drunk Driving

    Drowsy driving means operating a car while feeling very tired or sleepy. Drowsiness affects reaction time, mental focus, vigilance, and cognitive function.

  21. A Driver’s Guide to Misdemeanors and Infractions

    Misdemeanors and Infractions in California

    Traffic offenses are classified as misdemeanors or infractions, depending on their severity. Infractions are less serious than misdemeanors.

  22. California Bicycle Laws: Learn to Ride Safe in Traffic

    California Bicycle Laws: Learn to Ride Safe in Traffic

    To help spread awareness amongst bicyclists and car drivers, we’ve created a summary of California Bicycle Laws. These summaries also include a one-sentence takeaway to help you remember the laws.

  23. traffic school administrative fee

    Traffic School Administrative Fee in California

    Understand the non refundable California traffic school administrative fee, which is legally required to cover court costs & maintain a clean record.

  24. Hand Signals for Driving

    When and How to Use Hand Signals for Driving

    Master essential hand signals for driving to enhance road safety and communication, even when blinkers fail. Know the key gestures for turning and stopping.

  25. drunk driving statistics

    Drunk Driving Statistics [2024]

    In our new infographic, we highlight some of the starkest facts about drunk driving over the last few years. Using the latest research, we calculated the immense impact and the epidemic of deaths caused by reckless behavior behind the wheel.

  26. How to Check Tire Pressure

    How to Check Tire Pressure

    Discover how to check tire pressure accurately & understand when & where to do it. Explore the best tools to maintain ideal PSI for safety & fuel efficiency.

  27. Hidden Auto Insurance Discounts that Can Save You Money

    28 Hidden Auto Insurance Discounts

    Looking to save money on your car insurance? Check out the tons of hidden auto insurance discounts you may qualify for.

  28. California Headlight Law

    California Headlight Law

    Discover how the California Headlight Law keeps you safe. Learn the right times to use headlights and avoid accidents during dark conditions.

  29. How to Remove Smoke Smell from Your Car

    How to Get Smoke and Cigarette Smell Out of Your Car

    Eliminate smoke and cigarette smell from your car effectively: discover practical tips and proven solutions for a fresher, cleaner vehicle.

  30. How to Get a California Good Driver Discount on Car Insurance

    California Good Driver Discount

    The California Good Driver Discount is mandated by law. Here’s how to take advantage of state statutes and save money on your auto insurance.

  31. Trial by Written Declaration

    Trial by Written Declaration

    Trial by written declaration allows you to fight a traffic ticket in California without appearing in person in court. Here’s what you need to know.

  32. How Long Do Points Stay on Your License in California?

    How Long Do Points Stay on Your License?

    Everything you need to know about driver’s license points in California, including how long points stay on your license for different offenses.

  33. California DMV Point System

    California DMV Point System

    What is the DMV point system and how does it work in California? This is the only guide California drivers need to read.

  34. HOV Lanes in California

    California HOV Lanes Guide: Rules and Usage

    Master California’s HOV lanes: Learn the rules, usage times, and tips to avoid violations in our concise guide.

  35. What to wear to court

    What to Wear to Traffic Court

    Get expert tips on what to wear to traffic court in our comprehensive guide, ensuring you make the right impression in any court scenario.

  36. How Much Does a Traffic Lawyer Cost

    How Much Does a Traffic Lawyer Cost?

    We’ll explain how much does a traffic lawyer cost, and also explain what a traffic lawyer does. They can can range anywhere from $50 to more than $5,000.

  37. Traffic School Extension

    Traffic School Extension

    Learn about traffic school extensions in California and how to get one. Avoid costly fines and keep your driving record clean with Best Online Traffic School.

  38. Traffic School California Eligibility

    Traffic School California Eligibility

    Discover traffic school California eligibility, including criteria, benefits, & steps for drivers. Check if you meet all court requirements.

  39. Vehicle Code 21460 VC: Crossing Double Yellow Lines

    21460 VC: Crossing Double Yellow Lines

    Learn all about Vehicle Code 21460 VC: Crossing Double Yellow Lines and what to do if you get a ticket for violating the law.

  40. Choosing the Best Emergency Car Kit: A Comprehensive Guide

    Choosing the Best Emergency Car Kit

    Discover the best emergency car kit essentials. From top first aid to reliable roadside tools, ensure safety on every journey.

  41. traffic ticket in california

    Traffic Tickets California

    So you just got a traffic ticket… Now what? Here’s what to do after getting a traffic ticket in California, no matter how you want to handle your ticket.

  42. Tire Penny Test

    The Tire Penny Test

    Explore the Lincoln tire penny test for tread depth. Learn its accuracy and other methods to ensure road-safe tires.

  43. How to Clean Car Trunk Carpet

    How to Clean Trunk Carpet

    Learn How to Clean Trunk Carpet with our comprehensive step-by-step guide. Dive into easy and effective methods to restore your vehicle’s pristine condition.

  44. How to Clean the Inside of Your Windshield

    How to Clean the Inside of Your Windshield

    Discover how to effortlessly clean the inside of your windshield. Follow our guide for a crystal-clear view and enhanced road safety.

  45. Best Anti-Theft Car Devices

    Best Anti-Theft Devices for Cars (2023)

    Discover the top anti-theft devices for cars and understand how they deter vehicle theft. Layering multiple protection methods enhances security.

  46. How Driving Violations Impact Car Insurance Rates

    How Driving Violations Impact Car Insurance Rates

    Explore how driving infractions impact car insurance. Understand the role of driving records, ticket types, and traffic school on premiums.

  47. How to Clean Car Seats

    How to Clean Car Seats

    Discover why cleaning car seats is crucial. Dive into our guide on how to clean car seats with expert tips and the best product recommendations.

  48. blind intersection

    What is a Blind Intersection?

    Blind intersections: Understand speed limits, and differences between controlled, uncontrolled, and blind types.

  49. California Commercial Drivers License

    California Commerical Drivers License (CDL)

    Master the California Commercial Drivers License process with our definitive guide. Explore CDL classes, eligibility, application process & more.

  50. How to Change a Tire

    How to Change a Tire on a Car

    Flat tire? Learn how to change a tire on a car with our detailed step-by-step guide. Whether it’s a flat tire or a regular change, we’ve got you covered.

  51. Transmission Fluid Change

    Transmission Fluid Change: Step-by-Step Guide

    Master the process of transmission fluid change with our guide tailored for automatic vehicles. Learn the essentials, from the procedure to the costs.

  52. How to Clean Car floor Mats

    Best Ways to Clean Car Mats: Rubber & Carpet

    Discover how to clean car mats, including rubber and carpet types. From top cleaning products to when and how often to wash, this guide covers it all.

  53. How to Clean Car Windows Without Streaks: Inside and Out

    Master the art of cleaning car windows. Learn step-by-step techniques for streak-free results, including the inside, tinted windows, and more.

  54. distracted driving

    Distracted Driving [2023]

    What is distracted driving, what causes it, how can you avoid it, and how are states acting to prevent it? Here’s everything you need to know in 2022.

  55. How to Fix Rust on a Car

    How to Fix Rust on a Car

    Learn how to fix rust on a car with our detailed DIY guide. From identifying rust spots to choosing the right techniques, & ensure your car stays rust-free.

  56. Car Vacuum Cleaners

    Car Vacuum Cleaners: Handheld, Cordless, and Top Picks for Every Vehicle

    Dive into the world of car vacuum cleaners. From cordless wonders to powerful handheld options, find out how to keep your vehicle in top-notch condition.

  57. Ceramic Car Coating

    Ceramic Car Coating: Unlocking the Shine

    Discover the benefits of ceramic car coating, & how much it costs. Dive into our guide to choosing the best ceramic coating & mastering the application process

  58. How to Clean Your Tires

    Best Tire Cleaner Guide: How to Clean Tires and Wheels Easily

    Discover the best tire cleaner products and top methods for cleaning tires. Learn DIY tire shine, and tips on the best way to clean rims and wheels.

  59. microfiber towels guide

    Ultimate Guide to Microfiber Towels for Car Care

    Uncover the secrets of microfiber towels, their benefits for car care, and how to choose the best ones to avoid scratches and ensure efficient cleaning.

  60. How to Replace Windshield Wipers

    How to Replace Windshield Wipers

    Replacing old wipers? Discover a simple, step-by-step guide on how to replace windshield wipers, ensuring clear visibility and safe driving.

  61. How to Clean Car Plastic Interior

    How to Clean Car Interior Plastic

    Definitive guide on how to clean car interior plastic, restore your vehicle’s plastic surfaces to their original shine & tackle tough stains with ease.

  62. How to Replace Your Car’s Air Filter

    How to Change a Car Air Filter

    Discover how and when to replace your car’s engine air filter. Learn about the costs, best brands, and the benefits of timely air filter changes.

  63. How to Restore Your Headlights

    DIY Headlight Restoration: Your Step-by-Step Guide

    Restore your foggy headlights to their original shine with our comprehensive DIY guide, including how to clean, polish, & maintain your headlights effectively.

  64. How to Get Sap Off Your Car

    How to Remove Tree Sap from Your Car

    Discover easy-to-follow steps on how to effectively get tree sap off your car without damaging its paint. From pine sap to hardened drippings, we cover it all.

  65. How to Remove Water Spots from your Car

    How to Remove Water Spots from Your Car

    Struggling with stubborn water spots on your car? Discover four professional-endorsed methods to remove water spots and restore your car’s shine.

  66. How To Clear a Failure To Appear in California

    How To Clear a Failure To Appear in California?

    Learn steps to clear a Failure to Appear in California. Expert guide on legal procedures, penalties, and resolving warrant issues.

  67. speeding ticket in california

    Speeding Ticket in California

    What should you do if you get a speeding ticket in California? How much does it cost? How do you fight it? Get these answers and more in this ultimate guide.

  68. red light camera tickets

    Red Light Camera Tickets in California

    Discover the facts about red light camera tickets in California. Learn about their consequences and how to dismiss them. Know your rights and options.

  69. 27315 CVC - Seatbelt Violation

    CVC 27315 – Seatbelt Violation

    Whether you just want to be a safer driver or you got a ticket and need to know what to do next, learn about CVC 27315 – Seatbelt Violation.

  70. lea code

    Law Enforcement Agency LEA Code

    LEA: Law Enforcement Agency code Los Angeles County courts used for filing. The LEA code indicates which ticketing agency issued your traffic ticket.

  71. CVC 21950 – Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian: Everything You Need to Know

    CVC 21950 – Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian: Everything You Need to Know

    Whether you want to be a safer driver or you got a ticket and need to know what to do next, learn about CVC 21950 – Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian.

  72. Driver's License Compact

    Driver’s License Compact

    The Driver’s License Compact plays a crucial role in promoting highway safety across the U.S. Here’s everything you need to know about the interstate agreement.

  73. California Driving Record

    How to Check California Driving Record (MVR)

    Wondering how to check your California driving records? Here’s everything you need to know to obtain and correct your MVR.

  74. How To Clean Aluminum Wheels And Rims

    How To Clean Aluminum Wheels And Rims

    Learn how to clean aluminum wheels and rims with our step-by-step guide. Keep your car looking sleek and shiny with these easy cleaning tips.

  75. CVC 21461: Failure to Obey Traffic Signals

    CVC 21461: Failure to Obey Traffic Signals

    Breaking traffic signals can lead to severe consequences. Learn about CVC 21461, the California traffic law that addresses failure to obey traffic signals

  76. Driving In Fog

    Driving In Fog

    Driving in fog can be dangerous. Follow these steps to help keep yourself and others safe in any weather.

  77. What is Traffic School

    California Traffic School

    Wondering what is traffic school? Not sure if you should take it? We will explain everything you need to know about taking California traffic school.

  78. should i go to traffic school

    Should I Go To Traffic School?

    You may be asking yourself “Should I go to traffic school? Is it really worth it?”. If you’re on the fence, then the short answer is Yes, you should sign up.

  79. What to Know About California Cell Phone Laws

    California Cell Phone Laws [2023]

    Got a cell phone ticket in California? Here’s everything you need to know about fines, other consequences, how to fight your ticket, and more.

  80. CVC 22107: Everything You Need to Know About Unsafe Lane Changes

    CVC 22107: Unsafe Lane Changes

    CVC 22107 covers unsafe lane changes in California. Here’s everything you need to know to follow the law — and stay safe behind the wheel.

  81. cheap traffic school

    Cheap Traffic School

    Find a cheap traffic school without compromising quality. Ace your course & save on insurance with Best Online Traffic School. Enroll now!

  82. Traffic School Promo Code

    Best Online Traffic School Promo Code

    Tired of sifting through coupon sites for our traffic school promo code? We’ve made it easily accessible to all students – no more wasted time and frustration!

  83. how long is traffic school

    How Long is Traffic School In California?

    How Long is Traffic School? In California, there is no official time requirement for online traffic schools. If you’re sitting down to start traffic school from scratch you can expect to finish in 1-3 hours.

  84. How To Prevent Car Theft

    How To Prevent Car Theft

    Knowing how to prevent car theft can save you thousands of dollars — and keep you and your vehicle out of danger. Here’s what you need to know.

  85. CVC 21800 Failure to Yield

    CVC 21800 Failure to Yield

    Have you gotten a CVC 21800 failure to yield ticket in California? Here’s what to do next — and everything else you need to know.

  86. How to Renew Driver's License in California

    How to Renew Driver’s License in California

    Wondering how to renew your driver’s license in California? This ultimate guide will help you renew online, by mail, by phone, or in person.

  87. Backover accidents

    Backover Accidents

    Backover accidents are a serious and potentially deadly hazard for pedestrians. Here’s everything drivers need to know to prevent them.

  88. Road Rage

    Road Rage

    Road rage is exactly what it sounds like: occasions when drivers get angry at others on the road and react by yelling obscenities, driving with intent to intimidate or harass another driver, or–not typically, but in the absolute worst cases–acting out with actual, physical violence.

  89. New California DMV Laws [2023]

    Over time, it’s necessary for laws to be changed and updated to reflect changes in technology, the environment, human behavior, and other factors. That goes for traffic laws, especially as vehicles continue to evolve with new technology features. In California, there are a number of new and upcoming changes to laws pertaining to motor vehicles…

  90. Defensive Driving Course

    Defensive Driving

    Defensive driving means utilizing a series of strategies that make you a safer driver by helping you anticipate and address hazards predictably, & calmly.

  91. Winter Driving: Everything You Need to Know

    Winter Driving Tips

    Winter driving can be trickier & more dangerous because of weather-related hazards. Here’s everything you need to know to stay safe behind the wheel in winter.

  92. Reckless Driving

    Reckless Driving

    Everything you need to know about reckless driving in California, including how to defend yourself against a reckless driving charge.

  93. blood alcohol content bac

    Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

    If you drink alcohol, it’s important to understand blood alcohol content and how it affects you and your physical and mental health. Here’s everything you need to know.

  94. auto Insurance Discounts for Seniors

    10 Auto Insurance Discounts for Seniors

    These 10 auto insurance discounts for seniors can help mature drivers get the best rates possible on their car insurance.

  95. 10 Must-Have Gifts for Car Lovers

    10 Must-Have Gifts for Car Lovers

    If you’re not into cars, it can be tough to shop for a car lover. Here are ten gifts that will be a hit for the car lover in your life, no matter the occasion.

  96. Here’s Why Californians Are Driving Less

    If you think driving sucks, you’re not alone. Our study found that more than half of California drivers avoid the roads because of traffic, safety, & emissions.

  97. California Drivers’ Surprising Parking Deeds

    Ever wonder why parking in California gets such a bad rap? A recent survey reveals some of the common problems Californians face when trying to find a parking spot, as well as the type of behavior drivers engage in while parking in the Golden State.

  98. new california dmv laws 2019

    New California DMV Laws [2019]

    These are the new California DMV laws meant to make roads safer coming into effect in 2019. These laws go into effect on January 01, 2019. They may be new laws or changes to existing laws.

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