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  1. lea code

    Law Enforcement Agency LEA Code

    The letters “LEA” stand for Law Enforcement Agency. Los Angeles County courts use this four-digit code for filing, so you’ll need to enter this code for traffic tickets you were given in LA County in particular. The LEA code indicates which ticketing agency issued your ticket. The Law Enforcement Agency code is required when you…

  2. driving in fog

    Driving in Fog

    Driving in fog is dangerous because of reduced visibility. To help keep drivers on the road safe, we’ve compiled a list of tips to keep in mind while driving in fog. We also have a separate list driving in winter. Tips for Driving in Fog 1. Drive Slowly The first tip is to drive slowly,…

  3. How Long Do Points Stay on Your License in California?

    How Long Do Points Stay on Your License in California?

    Before we jump into our discussion of how long points stay on your license, let’s establish what driver’s license points actually are. You receive these points when you are caught engaging in traffic violations. When you accumulate too many points in a particular span of time, your license will be suspended or taken away. They…

  4. winter driving tips

    Winter Driving Tips

    Driving in the winter is very different from driving during other times of the year. Here are top winter driving tips to follow to get you home safely.

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