Drunk Driving Statistics


  1. vehicle theft statistics

    Vehicle Theft Prevention

    Most people in the United States are heavily reliant on their motor vehicles for most of our transportation⁠—getting to work, traveling to stores for things like groceries, and other everyday tasks depend on access to a car. It’s only in towns and cities with extensive public transportation systems that most people can consistently travel by…

  2. Drunk Driving Statistics

    Drunk Driving Statistics

    In the U.S., we have made significant strides in reducing the incidents of drunk driving over the last 30 years. Groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) have led the charge in trying to help educate and curb dangerous driving habits, leading to a 50% reduction in deaths since 1980. Even so, the problem is…

  3. Texting and Driving Statistics

    Texting and Driving Statistics

    Distracted driving is a situation where a driver engages in other activities such as talking and texting on phone, drinking, or any other activity which diverts his/her attention when on the road. One of the significant causes of road accidents aside from drunk drinking before driving is texting and driving. This practice has become a…

  4. lea code

    Law Enforcement Agency LEA Code

    The letters “LEA” stand for Law Enforcement Agency. Los Angeles County courts use this four-digit code for filing, so you’ll need to enter this code for traffic tickets you were given in LA County in particular. The LEA code indicates which ticketing agency issued your ticket. The Law Enforcement Agency code is required when you…

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