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Accepted by all CA Courts CA DMV Licensed (#E1314)
California DMV Licensed (#E1314)
Accepted by all California Courts

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Dealing with a traffic ticket is frustrating and stressful. That’s why we make everything after that easy.

We’ll help you breeze through your traffic school obligation even if you don’t know where to start so that you can quickly pass and close your case.

Read below to find out more about our simple, convenient and risk-free process.

Why Customers Love Best Online Traffic School

Great price and easy to complete. I was finished before I was even done with my morning coffee. Hopefully I never need to do traffic school again, but if I do, I'll be using this service.
Nate Kalkofen
Nate K.
Had to do a little bit of reading, but overall was very accommodating for someone with a busy schedule. Professional and thorough material that gives you what you need to meet standards. Even have an option at the end to pay for worry free follow w/ notification when your case is closed and requirements have been met. I do recommend this course
Quick and easy course. Rodney was very helpful. He noticed there was a bug in the traffic court system and made sure to follow-up with me to have the court clear up the issue. Thank you and highly recommend this business.
Mandy Morello
Mandy M.
Super well-paced! This online program provides detailed lessons and makes it easy to learn.
Julia Yoon
Julia Y.
Had a great experience with them. Took only a few hours to complete everything and received confirmation that it was submitted the next day. Definitely recommend.
Self-paced, very easy to navigate and a great price. The customer service is excellent as well. I would recommend this to everyone!
chrz d
chrz d
As much as I hated having to take Traffic School, these guys did a tremendous job with the training, exams and follow-through. I couldn't be happier with the experience.
John Winkelman
John W.
Fast and Easy. I recommend it best traffic school.
Susanna Medrano
Susanna M.
It is good to use this portal and had a nice experience.
Ragupathy R
Ragupathy R
I'm very pleased with my experience for my online driving lessons on this website. I have not encountered any problems while I went through each lesson, very smoothly.
Lian Luc
Lian L.
Great format and business model. While other traffic school tries to charge you so much with terrible formatting, this one keeps it simple. If I’m forced to take traffic school again, I’d be glad to redo it from here.
Joe Peter Medallon
Joe Peter M.
Best Online Traffic School is fantastic! I recommend it to everyone!!!
Manuel Leiva
Manuel L.
Best online Traffic school ever it's easy and simple
Daniela Jimenez
Daniela J.
The course was very good. It did take me about 3 hours to complete. Much of the material was repeated in different modules, which was actually a good technique for reinforcing the learning objectives. I opted for the additional service of receiving confirmation when my case was cleared. Rodney was great and my case got cleared in about one week!
Roxanne Ekhos
Roxanne E.
Fast and easy to do. Great with keeping in touch about your case! Will recommend 100 percent.
Alex R
Alex R

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