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Accepted by all CA Courts CA DMV Licensed (#E1314)
California DMV Licensed (#E1314)
Accepted by all California Courts

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Dealing with a traffic ticket is frustrating and stressful. That’s why we make everything after that easy.

We’ll help you breeze through your traffic school obligation even if you don’t know where to start so that you can quickly pass and close your case.

Read below to find out more about our simple, convenient and risk-free process.

Why Customers Love Best Online Traffic School

great experience overall with quality service. Highly recommended.
Christiana Boateng
Christiana B.
Just finished taking the online traffic school and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This was the second one I signed up for because the other company I tried just made...
Testing was fast and easy and certificate sent to the courts. This was sooooo cheap and easy. Thank you
Branden Millstone
Branden M.
Exactly as promised. Web site was easy to use. Information was well-written and readable. The tests seemed fair and not overly hard. The submission to traffic court was quick. Communication from the school by e-mail was timely. 5 stars !!
Bryan Jick
Bryan J.
I recommended pay the extra couple dollars for a piece of mind.
Maysee Thor
Maysee T.
I was concerned about passing, concerned about the length of time it would take, concerned about retake, concerned about posting & tracking, but it went smoothly and I surprised myself with 100% 1st time. I opted for the extra follow up and voila, it's a done deal with the DMV !!!
J. K. Roush
J. K. R.
At your own pace, and had no trouble with the class. Hopefully I wont need it again, but if I do I know where to go.
Oscar Sandoval
Oscar S.
Great option for busy people to do traffic school! Thanks guys!
Andre Lozoya
Andre L.
This was a good experience. The material was well organized and easy to understand. The section quizzes were helpful. After completing the course material I easily passed the final test.
Ventura Jubilee
Ventura J.
Very easy and fast , quick response from Rodney 👍🏼
shekhar Thakur
shekhar T.
The course was informative and efficient. The software worked flawlessly.
Eli Man
Eli M.
Great presentation of information. Easy to pass as long as you review and pay attention to the details. I appreciate how well organized the information was laid out. It took me 5 hours to get through all the information, not 60-90 minutes.
molly jacobsen
molly J.
Great experince with rodney, really helpful throughout the whole process. Thanks guys.
Super easy, relatively quick. No hassle--they acted really quickly and got my case closed fast.
Isaac Aday
Isaac A.
Very fast and easy to understand! If you’re really on it, you can finish in a couple of hours, i would say 1-3 hours. They helped me out a lot!
Chris Gomez
Chris G.

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