Traffic School Extension

Your life is busy, and you may have forgotten about your traffic ticket or still haven’t completed traffic school. Sometimes you may need extra time to hire an attorney or complete the payment for the citation. Don’t worry, the courts understand this, and they offer an extension for various things like making the payment on the fine, completing traffic school or deciding how you plead.

Generally speaking, you will have about a month between getting a traffic ticket and the arraignment (your first appearance in court). This time gap doesn’t mean you have to wait a month to decide what to do. For example, you may choose to plead guilty, pay the fine and go to traffic school. This is precisely what most people choose to do since they don’t have the time to fight a ticket or they were genuinely cited for violating a traffic law.

Note: Each county may have its own rules so please consult the county’s website or call the clerk at the courthouse for more specific information. Traffic schools cannot extend your traffic school due date.

Traffic School Extension Los Angeles County

For example, in the County of Los Angeles, you can request a one-time 90-day extension to pay your court-ordered fine or a one-time 60-day extension to complete traffic school. While in Orange County, you can apply for one 30-day extension for completion of traffic school once traffic school fines and fees have been paid

You may be able to apply for an extension over the phone, online or in-person (again depending on the court location). We recommend contacting the court as soon as possible and prior to the due date.

What Extension Can You Get on a Traffic Ticket?

  • You can get an extension prior to your arraignment date
  • More time to pay your traffic ticket fine
  • More time to complete traffic school

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