Traffic School Extension

Worried that you may not be able to complete traffic school in time? Wondering how to get a traffic school extension for your traffic ticket?

In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know to get an extension on traffic school in California.

How To Get An Extension On Your Traffic School Deadline

How To Get An Extension On Your Traffic School Deadline

We get it – sometimes life gets busy, and you forget about your traffic ticket or attending traffic school. You may need extra time to complete your payment for the citation (or to hire an attorney if you choose to fight your ticket).

The courts understand this and can offer an extension for various things, such as:

  • More time to pay your traffic ticket fine
  • More time to complete traffic school

You must plead guilty to your traffic ticket and then choose to take traffic school.

It’s also important to note that traffic school extensions can only be granted by the court. Traffic schools CANNOT extend your traffic school due date.

How Can I Request Traffic School Extension?

How to request an extension depends on your county. Some extensions require an in-person visit, while others can be done online or by phone or mail.

Because each county has its own rules, we recommend you consult the county’s website or call the clerk at the courthouse for specific information.

To find your specific county’s contact information, view our list of counties at the bottom of this page.

What Kind Of Traffic Court Extension Can I Get?

The length of your extension also depends on your county. Some counties offer 60 days or 2 x 30 days for a traffic school extension. An extension to pay your fine can be longer.

LA Court Traffic School Extension

For example, in the County of Los Angeles, you can request a one-time 90-day extension to pay your court-ordered fine or a one-time 60-day extension to complete traffic school. See this link for more information.

Traffic School Extension Orange County

While in Orange County, you can apply for one 30-day extension for completion of traffic school once traffic school fines and fees have been paid.

To find out what kind of extension your county offers, view our list of counties at the bottom of this page. There you’ll find more information related to your specific county.

When Can I Request A Traffic School Extension?

You must request an extension before your due date. Otherwise, your request may be rejected by the court. In some cases, they do allow you to extend the due date after the due date.

When you first receive a traffic ticket, you will normally have about a month between getting your ticket and the arraignment (your first appearance in court). However, this time gap doesn’t mean you have to wait a month to decide what to do. 

For example, you may choose to plead guilty, pay the ticket bail, administrative fee, and go to traffic school as soon as your ticket is processed and posted online. 

This is precisely what most people choose to do since they either don’t have the time to fight a ticket, were genuinely cited for violating a traffic law, or would just like to get the entire experience over with as fast as possible.

To find your exact due date you will want to double-check your court notice, contact the courthouse clerk or view it online through your county’s website if available. 

When Is My California Traffic School Deadline?

After you have paid the court fees and have been approved to do traffic school, the court will usually give you between 60 to 90 days from the payment date to complete traffic school.

Can I Get An Extension If I Missed My Traffic School Deadline?

This depends on your court as each county has a different policy regarding late traffic school certificates. Some courts will grant you an extension even after you have missed the deadline.

Can I Still Do Traffic School After The Due Date?

Even if you’ve missed your traffic school due date, you should still try to complete traffic school and contact the court to request them to accept it. You can request to submit a motion to the judge to accept your late submission. Most of the time, it is accepted unless you complete it several months later.

That’s because the cost of traffic school is only $19.99. However, the cost of NOT attending traffic school at all is much worse. You may be subject to:

  • Paying hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars in increased insurance rates
  • Your driver’s license being suspended
  • Employers discovering your violation on a background check

My Deadline Is Today. Can I Still Complete Traffic School?

My Deadline Is Today. Can I Still Complete Traffic School?

Yes! You have until 11:59 pm to complete traffic school. The California Superior courts and the California DMV look at the date you complete traffic school, meaning as long as you submit before midnight you’re all set.

If you need to complete traffic school quickly, the good news is that our traffic school only takes 1-3 hours to complete on average

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