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Pay nothing until you actually pass. No credit card required during sign-up.

Accepted by all CA Courts CA DMV Licensed (#E1314)
Accepted by all California Courts
California DMV Licensed (#E1314)

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What other schools charge extra for is already included in our low price of $9.99. No hidden fees or weird tactics - ever.

Don’t Pay Us Until You Pass

Our Don’t Pay Until You Pass Guarantee means you don’t pay a single penny until you’ve actually passed your exam.

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We know you want to get your traffic ticket handled as quickly as possible. Our Live Chat Support is available 24/7 to help you every step of the way.

Complete Compatibility

Access your course anytime, anywhere from your phone, desktop or tablet. Our Due Date Reminders will keep you from missing your deadlines.

Completely Optional

The “Ultimate Peace of Mind” Service

$4.99 - $19.99

This optional upgrade includes email notifications for when your course is Submitted, Processing and Closed (depending on your court). We’ll track your case’s progress for you so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

For full transparency, this Case Follow up service is completely optional. This is not necessary for you to complete or submit your traffic school exam.

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very quick to get it done! simply the best
Jasmine Zhang
Jasmine Z.
4 stars from me is very good because I don't give the fifth star unless I have other similar candidates in the same category for comparison.
Robert Miller
Robert M.
Quick and very easy to use! Helped relieve the stress I had about this. Great customer service over their online chat. Would highly recommend as this was the best for completing online at the comfort of my own home.
Michelle Medrano
Michelle M.
Fast, easy, and even has no-stress option where they take care of everything regarding your ticket for a small fee. Don't have to pay until you pass 👍
Joey Molyneux
Joey M.
This class was easy to navigate through, informative and fast. The support of the staff was so helpful for me to assure I did all I needed to do to close out my traffic ticket. Hi highly recommend.
Alina Vega
Alina V.
I honestly can’t believe how easy this was! And I’m one of those big worriers, easily stressed over trivial matters. I simply took the course online and passed the tests...all in all it took just a couple hours, no problems whatsoever. If you make the mistake of speeding and getting a ticket like I did, make Best Online Traffic School your first choice.
Atomic Mtn Dew
Atomic Mtn D.
Best Online Traffic School provided me with the best traffic school experience possible. The material is straightforward and easy to read allowing for great testing results.
Caren Hutchins
Caren H.
Super quick, easy, & cost efficient. They’ll even follow up with the court to ensure your case closed for a small extra fee. 10/10 recommend to anyone who needs to do traffic school.
Angelica Horrilleno
Angelica H.
Very easy to follow and understand. any questions answered immediately and very courteously by the online staff.
Ken Brown
Ken B.
Rodney was extremely professional and efficient with several questions I had. The process overall was very easy and transparent. Everything was directly to the point without any fluff. I chose the optional “peace of mind” package, which they offer when checking out and it definitely gave me a peace of mind when they provided further status until my case was closed.
Lauran Kim
Lauran K.
Very painless way to complete your driver's school requirement.
Michael Saleh
Michael S.
It's cheap, thorough, easy to navigate, easy to register with and approved by the DMV. There will be quite a bit of reading, but that's expected. My only suggestion to the owner would be to review and clean up some of the typos in the course material.
Amanda Homa
Amanda H.
Best of the online traffic school options available. Sign up was easy, the class and final exam were quick. Website and class work great on a smartphone. Knocked out the entire thing using my phone on my lunch break at work. Don’t have to pay until you pass, and there are no hidden fees. Highly recommend!
If you are searching for an online traffic school because you need to fulfill your California traffic ticket requirement, SEARCH NO FURTHER.1) $10 ($9 w/...
Quick, informative, and easy. Everything you want in a traffic school online
Kurtis Gunther
Kurtis G.

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