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Accepted by all CA Courts california DMV approved online traffic school CA DMV Licensed (#E1314)
california DMV approved online traffic school
Accepted by all California Courts
California DMV Licensed (#E1314)
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All-Inclusive Low, Flat Price

What other schools charge extra for is already included in our low price of $9.99. No hidden fees or weird tactics - ever.

Don’t Pay Us Until You Pass

Don’t Pay Us Until You Pass

Our Don’t Pay Until You Pass Guarantee means you don’t pay a single penny until you’ve actually passed your exam.

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Get Help When You Need It

We know you want to get your traffic ticket handled as quickly as possible. Our Live Chat Support is available 24/7 to help you every step of the way.

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Complete Compatibility

Access your course anytime, anywhere from your phone, desktop or tablet. Our Due Date Reminders will keep you from missing your deadlines.

Case Follow up service

Completely Optional

The “Ultimate Peace of Mind” Service

$4.99 - $19.99

This optional upgrade includes email notifications for when your course is Submitted, Processing and Closed (depending on your court). We’ll track your case’s progress for you so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

For full transparency, this Case Follow up service is completely optional. This is not necessary for you to complete or submit your traffic school exam.

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Great online course would recommend to other people.
Joshua Rios
Joshua R.
Best traffic school there is out there. Price is great and the course was fairly easy. Customer service was great everything was processed to the court for you! Thank you!
Randy Morehouse
Randy M.
Straight to the point, and excellent proactive support through the process. If need to do again, using Best Online Traffic School
albinofilipino8 albinofilipino8
albinofilipino8 A.
Great website, fast and responsive. Easy to navigate UI and easy-to-follow instructions. I took my time doing the classes, and was done in about 5 hours. Very simple.They take care of submitting all the (electronic) paperwork directly to the court so you don't have to worry about anything after completing the class.Also great email follow-ups to let you know what your case status is.Would definitely recommend!
Sylvain Francoeur
Sylvain F.
reasonable rate and got my case closed quickly. Highly recommend
Son Nguyen
Son N.
It is so easy to use and I learned a lot of valuable and life savinglessons in the process. If you get a moving violation ticket, and if you are eligible I highly recommend that you take the Best Online Traffic School.
avu chokalingam
avu C.
Very quick course and easy . I would recommend it.
Fat Dog
Fat D.
Platform was easy to use. Testing was a breeze as well as getting the certificate. Login was funny on the iPad. I used Chrome and it worked well.
Kristen Lum
Kristen L.
I found Best Online Traffic School through a recommendation on Reddit. The material covers lots of helpful information to become a more mindful driver and important rules of the road. It took me a few hours to get through but I enjoyed it, and the user experience was great: very easy to continue where you've left off and no ad interruptions. I didn't mind an additional fee for confirmation that the court started to process my certificate of completion but you still need to contact the court yourself directly to confirm they have closed out your case, so maybe not worth the additional fee beyond the course itself. Overall, definitely recommend!
Holly Cain
Holly C.
10/10 definitely recommend this traffic school
Venison San Felipe
Venison San F.
Very helpful every step of the process. I thought I would need to do a lot more, but they handled everything. Thanks!
William Swindells
William S.
Insanely smooth and professional site.
Charles Fragoza
Charles F.
This really is the Best Online Traffic School. The price was right and was the lowest that I could find. The material was very thorough. I really liked the quizzes. The only thing that would have made it better would be to include more videos (one of the videos didn't work) to help break up some of the reading. I will definitely be recommending this course to my friends.
Katie Goolsby
Katie G.
Good, fast, to the point, inexpensive.
Pablo Grodnitzky
Pablo G.
Would've given them 5 stars. But some of the material on the quizzes at the end of each chapter weren't on the final. There are good things about Best Online Traffic School though! One is that I could stop and start the class at my convenience. I could go as fast or slow through the chapters as I wanted and it was an open book final. So, I could use all the notes I took. I really liked that for a few extra bucks. They took care of all the court stuff after I passed the course. Someone even called me when they didn't have some of my information to complete my paperwork. The lady who called me was courteous, professional and fast. I would and will recommend Best Online Traffic School to everyone I know who needs traffic school help. Thank you Best Online Traffic School!
Sean Berry
Sean B.

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