Traffic School Administrative Fee

Let’s say you just got your first traffic ticket in California. You realize you made an error while driving and decide to plead guilty. You know that you’re eligible for traffic school since the traffic citation is only a one-point offense and is your first citation ever.

You go to the court website and decide to pay the fine and enroll in traffic school. You’re surprised to learn, after paying the original fine, that you now see a message that says something like:

“Your DMV is clear, and you are eligible to attend traffic school.” There is an additional $50-70 due to the court for the approval to attend traffic school.  You will need to choose a school off of the DMV Traffic School list provided on the website.

The amount you pay online will commonly include the bail (widely referred to as the fine), a state-mandated administrative fee, and sometimes convenience fees for using credit cards or enrolling in payment plans.

There are court fees and a fee charged by the traffic school. To register for traffic school, you must pay:

  • The bail (fine)
  • A state-mandated, non-refundable administrative fee ranging from $49 – $79
  • traffic school course fee ranging from $25 – $45. Of course, if you enroll in Best Online Traffic School, then you pay just $14.99.

What is the Traffic School Administrative Fee?

The court collects the state-mandated, non-refundable administrative fee after you plead guilty to the traffic offense and elect to attend traffic school. It is a fee that allows you to opt for traffic school and conceal the traffic point from your insurance company. Any points on your driving record will remain visible to the DMV. However, they are “hidden” in the version presented to insurance companies if you successfully finish traffic school for eligible offenses.

It’s important to note that the court will not refund the administrative fee if you weren’t eligible for traffic school, or if you don’t complete traffic school, so if you need an extension, then request one.

The administrative fee is written into the California Vehicle Code VEH § 11208 and VEH § 42007.1

VEH § 11208 says that the court can collect a single regulatory fee from each driver who attends traffic school. This traffic school administrative fee should also include the cost of monitoring traffic schools.

VEH § 42007.1 explains that the administrative fee includes an amount “equal to the total bail set forth for the eligible offense on the uniform countywide bail schedule plus a forty-nine-dollar ($49) fee” and the fee mentioned above.

If I Pay the Court Administrative Fee, Do I Need to Pay for Traffic School?

While other schools charge a hefty fee to sign up, and they often have hidden costs for expediting submission at Best Online Traffic School, all you need is included in our flat and low fee of $14.99 (even lower with a promo code). The best part – we only ask for your credit card information after you pass the course.

Is the Traffic School Administrative Fee the Same For Each Court?

We asked ourselves the same question and did some digging around for the answer. We were quite surprised to find that the state-mandated administrative fee ranged from $49 to $79. Click on a county page from the footer to see how much the traffic school administrative fee varies from county to county.

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