Traffic School Administrative Fee in California

Facing a ticket is more than just a hit to your wallet — it’s a hassle, especially when deciding to attend traffic school to keep your driving record clean. Beyond the ticket itself, you’re looking at fines, court costs, the price of the traffic school course, and yes, even a traffic school administrative fee. If the maze of hidden fees feels overwhelming, you’re in the right place.

If you’re wondering about some of the hidden fees that come with a ticket, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn everything you need to know about traffic school administrative fees in California, when you need to pay them, and how much they’ll add to the cost of your ticket.

What Is the Traffic School Administrative Fee?

What Is the Traffic School Administrative Fee

The traffic school administrative fee is a non-refundable fee you pay to the court for letting you attend traffic school. It helps cover the administrative costs associated with setting your deadlines, making sure you meet them, and masking the point from your ticket from your license.

Not only are traffic school administrative fees legal, but they’re also required by the State of California. The administrative fee is written into the California Vehicle Code VEH § 11208 and VEH § 42007.1

  • VEH § 11208 says that the court can collect a single regulatory fee from each driver who attends traffic school. This traffic school administrative fee should also include the cost of monitoring traffic schools.
  • VEH § 42007.1 explains that the administrative fee includes an amount “equal to the total bail set forth for the eligible offense on the uniform countywide bail schedule plus a forty-nine-dollar ($49) fee” and the fee mentioned above.

Who Needs to Pay a Traffic School Administrative Fee?

Who Needs to Pay a Traffic School Administrative Fee

To find out whether you’ll be required to pay a traffic school administrative fee, the first step is to determine whether you’re eligible for traffic school. If you have a relatively clean driving record and your ticket was for a minor infraction that resulted in just one point on your license, you can typically choose to attend traffic school to mask the point and prevent your auto insurance rates from increasing.

Even if you’re not automatically eligible for traffic school (for example, because you were found guilty of a traffic violation that resulted in two points on your California license), you may be able to ask the judge on your case to allow you to attend traffic school in exchange for some leniency (masking one of the two points, for example).

If you’re approved for traffic school, you’ll be given a deadline by which you need to complete your course. Note that if you fail to pass your traffic school final exam by the deadline set by your court, your traffic school administrative fee will not be refunded. In some cases, you can ask for an extension if you need more time to complete your course.

Your administrative fee will also not be refunded if you pay it before determining that you are, in fact, eligible for traffic school. Make sure your plan to attend traffic school is licensed by the DMV before you pay for your course or the traffic school administrative fee.

How Much is the Traffic School Administrative Fee in California?

How Much is the Court Administrative Fee to Go to Traffic School

California’s traffic school administrative fees range from $49 to $79. The exact amount of your fee will depend on the county where your court is located, for example, if you’ve received an LA county traffic ticket you will need to pay the admin fee of $64. Scroll to the end of this article for a complete list of California counties and the traffic school administrative fees they charge.

If I Pay the Traffic School Administration Fee, Do I Still Need to Pay My Ticket?

If I Pay the Traffic School Administration Fee, Do I Still Need to Pay My Ticket?

Yes. Traffic school doesn’t get you out of paying the fine and any associated fees for the ticket you received. You will be required to pay for all of them before you can attend traffic school.

The amount you pay online will commonly include the bail (widely referred to as the fine), a state-mandated administrative fee, and sometimes convenience fees for using credit cards or enrolling in payment plans.

If I Pay the Traffic School Administration Fee, Do I Still Need to Pay for Traffic School?

If I Pay the Traffic School Administration Fee, Do I Still Need to Pay for Traffic School?

Yes. Licensed traffic schools in California charge their own course fees (usually anywhere from $20 to $50). This is separate from the fines, fees, and administrative charges that you pay to the court.

Best Online Traffic School charges just $19.99 for traffic school (and even less if you use a promo code). You can start traffic school for free, and you are not required to pay anything until you pass.

Can You Request Traffic School After Ticket Is Paid?

Yes, if you have not previously requested traffic school when paying your ticket, you may be able to request the court to allow you to take traffic school.

Traffic School Administrative Fee by County

How Much Is the Administrative Fee for Traffic School in California

Below are the traffic school administrative fees charged in each county in California. Click the county where your court is located for more detailed information.

  1. Alameda County: $59
  2. Alpine County: $60
  3. Amador County: $52
  4. Butte County: $52
  5. Calaveras County: $52
  6. Colusa County: $52
  7. Contra Costa County: $67
  8. Del Norte County: $52
  9. El Dorado County: $69
  10. Fresno County: $67
  11. Glenn County: $52
  12. Humboldt County: $52
  13. Imperial County: $57
  14. Inyo County: $52
  15. Kern County: $64
  16. Kings County: $69
  17. Lake County: $52
  18. Lassen County: $52
  19. Los Angeles County: $64
  20. Madera County: $74
  21. Marin County: $52
  22. Mariposa County: $74
  23. Mendocino County: $54
  24. Merced County: $59
  25. Modoc County
  26. Mono County: $49
  27. Monterey County: $59
  28. Napa County
  29. Nevada County: $73
  30. Orange County: $54
  31. Placer County: $61
  32. Plumas County: $52
  33. Riverside County: $59
  34. Sacramento County: $52
  35. San Benito County: $52
  36. San Bernardino County: $55
  37. San Diego County: $52
  38. San Francisco County: $52
  39. San Joaquin County: $52
  40. San Luis Obispo County: $70
  41. San Mateo County: $60
  42. Santa Barbara County: $66
  43. Santa Clara County: $49
  44. Santa Cruz County: $52
  45. Shasta County: $70
  46. Sierra County
  47. Siskiyou County: $52
  48. Solano County: $52
  49. Sonoma County: $52
  50. Stanislaus County: $52
  51. Sutter County: $52
  52. Tehama County: $52
  53. Trinity County: $52
  54. Tulare County: $68
  55. Tuolumne County: $79
  56. Ventura County: $68
  57. Yolo County: $71
  58. Yuba County: $52

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