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  1. Improv Traffic School vs Best Online Traffic School [2020]

    So you got a traffic ticket or a moving violation. Now what? If you need to mask ticket points, get a violation dismissed, or lower your insurance rates, online traffic school can help. But there are a lot of choices — thousands in California alone. How do you choose the right school that will help you…

  2. distracted driving

    Distracted Driving [2020]

    Distracted driving is driving while engaging in any behavior that could potentially take your attention away from the most important area of focus: the road in front of you.

  3. Drivers Admit to Some Surprising Deeds While Parking in California [2020]

    Ever wonder why parking in California gets such a bad rap? A recent survey reveals some of the common problems Californians face when trying to find a parking spot, as well as the type of behavior drivers engage in while parking in the Golden State.

  4. Texting and Driving Statistics

    Texting and Driving Statistics [2020]

    Distracted driving is a situation where a driver engages in other activities such as talking and texting on the phone or drinking. Distracted driving includes any other activity which diverts his/her attention when on the road.

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