Driving In Fog

Driving in fog is dangerous because of reduced visibility. To help keep drivers on the road safe, we’ve compiled a list of tips to keep in mind while driving in fog. We also have a separate list of tips for driving in winter.

Tips for Driving in Fog

1. Drive Slowly

The first tip is to drive slowly, which is especially important since you cannot see where you are going, and fog can mask the visual cues of going fast. Keep your eye on the speedometer to keep your speed in check.

2. Use Your Low-Beam Headlights

When your visibility is reduced, you may be tempted to use your high-beam headlights. However, using high-beam headlights in the fog will worsen your visibility because the high-beam lights bounce off the fog and into your car.

3. Use Your Fog Lights

If your vehicle has front fog lights, then you should use them. Fog lights can help make your vehicle more visible to other drivers on the road. Some cars are also equipped with rear fog lights which can help drivers behind and around see you from a greater distance.

Rear fog lights are mandatory in Europe but not in the United States.

4. Use the Right-Side Pavement Line as a Guide

You can use the white lines painted on the right of the road as a visible indicator to the road ahead. However, use with precaution and maintain focus on the road ahead. Do not use the center pavement markings as you’ll be closer to oncoming vehicles on the other side of the road who are battling reduced visibility.

5. Do Not Stop on the Road

Never stop on the road while driving in fog. Instead, find a place to safely pull over (as far as away from the traffic) and turn off your lights.

Leaving your car lights on may cause other drivers to think that your taillights indicate the lane of travel, which could cause a rear collision.

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