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No one wants to deal with traffic tickets (spending money!) and then having to attend traffic school (spending time, and more money!). But there is a way to make traffic school a whole lot less of a burden.

First off, go with a DMV licensed online traffic school provider. Best Online Traffic School’s CA DMV licensed traffic school course makes the whole process a breeze since you won’t have to leave your home, and all the required info is presented in a clear and straightforward format.


Choose the Lowest Price Traffic School

You’re already dealing with a ticket. Why add insult to injury by overpaying for your traffic school course? When you pick Best Online Traffic School, you’ll pay the lowest price on the market for some of the highest quality material out there.

We’re transparent

Other traffic schools might start out offering their training at an affordable price, but then trick you into upgrading. All their so-called “add-ons” (which end up being pretty unavoidable) really drive up the cost: we’re talking things like an electronic certificate of completion, same-day processing, and other basic features.

But we refuse to operate that way. We’re committed to transparency, so we offer one low price. Everything is all-inclusive, so you can rest assured that there won’t be any nasty financial surprises later on.

We’re always available

At many other traffic schools, you might find that it’s a struggle to contact customer service, with no contact us page in sight, and no phone or email listed online. This can be a massive source of frustration if any problems arise!

But we’re the direct opposite: we offer live chat customer support around the clock—that means 24/7 availability. For those of you who are, say, up at 1 am, concerned about how to resolve your traffic violation and get back on the road worry-free, this will be an especially useful feature. Feel free to reach out anytime, because we’d love to hear from you.

Flexible learning

Not only can we be reached anytime, but our course can also be accessed anytime. Best of all, you won’t have to go through the hassle of attending an in-person class at a regularly scheduled time. Instead, you can use whatever moments work best for you, because our self-paced course has no timers so you can go as slowly or as quickly as you like.

Built for the future

Other traffic schools present you with course materials from straight out of the 90s. But our traffic school offers a wholly modern learning experience and one that works on all devices.

We live in a smartphone-connected society, so we believe it’s crucial that our course be accessible wherever you are. That way, you can work on it no matter where you are—whenever, wherever—and get it all done faster. You can complete our entire course from start to finish all on your smartphone or tablet – no laptop or desktop necessary.

Don’t Pay Until You Pass

We include California’s only “don’t pay until you pass” guarantee, so you can complete your course and pay right at the end, once everything’s finished. We don’t understand why people should for something they don’t get.

Our guarantee means you have unlimited retries. You won’t need to stress about doing perfectly to avoid wasting money, making the whole process that much simpler and more affordable.

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